Calming Abstract Wall Art With a Coastal Feel

Updated on March 20, 2024

A collage of 10 different pieces of abstract wall art, with the text "abstract wall art with a coastal feel, from Stars and Anchor dot com."

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This selection of abstract wall art has a coastal feel that will fit in well with your decor.

Abstract coastal wall art will help to create a calming and serene environment in your home that transports you to your favorite coastal place.

If you want to bring elements of the beach and coastal life into your home but don’t want your space to look overly beachy, consider incorporating abstract coastal artwork. By hanging coastal abstract wall art in your home, you can bring all of the things you love about the beach and coast into your home, but in a subtle way. 

Some elements that likely attract you to the coast are the soothing blue and neutral colors that exist in nature along the coastline, and the positive feelings it gives you while you’re there. It’s all too easy to enjoy the view of the ocean, the feeling of a warm breeze, and hearing the rhythm of the ocean waves with seagulls squawking in the distance.

While it’s impossible to bottle up all of these wonderful elements of the beach and take them home with us (though we wish we could!), we can still incorporate these feelings into our home through the selection of coastal wall art. Abstract artwork in shades of blue that remind you of the calming waves of the sea, the pale blue sky over the ocean, and neutral tones of the sand along the coastline will remind you of your time spent on relaxing beach vacations and long summer days. 

If you’ve found yourself wondering, ‘what is abstract art?’ Abstract art is art that isn’t meant to represent anything. Instead, it uses colors, shapes, and lines to form an image that is up to the viewer to interpret. It may or may not be inspired by reality.

Although coastal abstract wall art is not an outright obvious depiction of the beach or coast, works of art in coastal colors and with the right artistic mood can bring you those same calming, peaceful, and relaxing feelings that you get after a day at the beach or out on a sailboat.

We’ve looked at dozens of retailers to curate this list of what we feel is the best coastal abstract wall art. These works of art give us everything we’re looking for with coastal artwork without blatantly showing beach scenes. 

Why choose abstract coastal wall art over realistic coastal artwork? It comes down to your personal preferences. You might live inland and feel that realistic depictions of the beach could look out of place in your home, or you might live near the coast but are looking for wall art that feels more sophisticated and coastal modern rather than traditional beach house art. Whatever the reason, you can’t go wrong with coastal abstract wall art, as it’s suited for anyone, anywhere.

Below you’ll find some of the best abstract coastal wall art that you can use as inspiration for decorating the walls of your home, whether you’re looking for coastal artwork for your living room, bedroom, dining room, hallway, entranceway, guest room, home office, or any other space.

Coastal Abstract Wall Art

These pieces of abstract wall art are great options for adding beach and coastal artwork to your home while at the same time not looking too beachy. If you have an interest in coastal abstract art, abstract coastal wall prints, textured wall art, abstract beach wall art, or coastal abstract wall art, the abstract artwork below will be great inspiration for decorating your home.

Neutral and Blue Abstract Art

A framed abstract art painting with neutral, white, and blue tones.

Blue and White Abstract Art

A framed abstract painting in various shades of blue and white.

Muted Aqua and Neutral Abstract Art

A framed abstract art painting with aqua, white, tan, and gray tones.

Blue, Gray, Teal Abstract Art

A framed abstract painting with pale blues and whites on the top three-quarters of the canvas and vivid teal and darker blues on the bottom one-quarter.

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Gray, Aqua, Navy, White Abstract Art

A framed abstract art painting with aqua, white, tan, navy, and gray colors.

Light Blue and Gray Abstract Art

A framed abstract art painting with light blue, and gray colors.

Dark Blues Abstract Art

A framed abstract art painting with dark blue colors.

Aqua and Dark Teal Abstract Art

A framed abstract painting with pale blues on the top, blues and greens across the middle, and shades of tan on the bottom.

Light Blue and Dark Blue Abstract Art

A framed abstract art painting with dark blue fading into light blue from one corner to the opposite corner.

Aqua, Teal, Gold, White, Tan Abstract Art

Abstract artwork with various aqua, teal, tan, gold, and white colors.

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A collage of 10 different pieces of abstract wall art, with the text "abstract wall art with a coastal feel, from Stars and Anchor dot com."

As you’ve seen, you can use coastal abstract artwork to decorate the walls of your home in order to bring in the best elements of the beach and coast, without making your home feel overly like a beach house.

Typical beach house wall art can include pictures of the beach or ocean, beach chairs, flip flops, beach umbrellas, or representations of ocean creatures like starfish, sand dollars, fish, coral, seahorses, and crabs. If you’d like to add hints of the beach or sea to your home without outright showing a picture of beach scenes, the sea, or ocean creatures, then abstract coastal wall art is the way to go.

Want more? Click here to view our selection of ocean-inspired wall art that you’ll love.

If you found something you love but aren’t sure where to hang it in your home, the answer is that you can really hang it anywhere. Coastal abstract wall art looks great in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, guest bedrooms, hallways, entranceways, home offices, bathrooms, or any other space in your home that could use a calming and serene piece of artwork.

You can use this coastal abstract wall art as inspiration for decorating your home, either by decorating with some of the wall art shown in this post, or by using it as an example when shopping for abstract art.

Do you have any coastal abstract wall art in your home? Do you have a favorite piece of coastal wall art from this list? Let us know in the comments.

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