15 Cute Coastal Dog Bowls That Will Complement Your Coastal Home Decor

Updated on September 24, 2023

12 different dog bowls in white, sand, and blue hues, with text that says, Coastal Dog and Cat Bowls. From Stars & Anchor dot com.

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The best dog bowls that will fit in with your beach or coastal home decor.

If your home is decorated in a beach or coastal decor style, you’ll be happy to have dog bowls or cat bowls that blend in seamlessly with your carefully curated space. This list of cute coastal dog bowls will help you add to your coastal home decor instead of taking away from it.

These selections of coastal dog bowls include ceramic dog bowls, stainless steel dog bowls, stoneware dog bowls, and elevated dog bowls. What you won’t find in this list is plastic dog bowls, as we feel they don’t have the weight needed to stay in place without sliding around while your dog is eating or drinking from them. The bowls in this list are heavier or harder to move, which prevents moving and sliding. You’ll also find a variety of styles, including colors in sand and ocean hues, coastal-inspired patterns and prints, and combinations of the two.

The bowls in this list can be used as dog water bowls or dog food bowls. Many of these bowls come in numerous sizes to choose from, so whether you’re looking for dog bowls for small dogs or dog bowls for large dogs, you should be able to find something that suits your pup. Of course, these bowls can also be used for a cat!

This article is about cute coastal dog bowls that will look great in your coastal or beach home.

15 Coastal Dog Bowls

1. White and Aqua Ceramic Bowl

A ceramic coastal dog bowl that's white on top and aqua on bottom.

2. Grey-Beige Ceramic Bowl

A grey-beige ceramic dog bowl.

3. Blue Waves Ceramic Bowl

A white ceramic dog bowl with blue waves painted on it.

4. White Geometric Ceramic Bowl

A white ceramic dog bowl with a geometric texture.

5. Gradient Blue Ceramic Bowl

6. Wavy Stoneware Bowl

A clay and white glazed stoneware bowl with a wavy ribbed texture and organic round shape.

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7. Ceramic Dog Bones Bowl

A white ceramic dog bowl with imprinted dog bones on it, and a brown bowl bottom.

8. Cream and Blue Stoneware Bowl

A dog bowl that's cream on the outside, and blue on the inside.

9. Ceramic Bowl With Marble Design

A ceramic dog bowl with a marble design.

10. Ceramic Cream and Blue Bowl

A ceramic dog bowl that's cream on the top half and dark blue on the bottom half.

11. White Ceramic Patterned Bowl on Wood Stand

A white ceramic bowl with a tan abstract pattern on it, on a low wood stand.

12. Seafoam Stainless Steel Bowl

A stainless steel dog bowl with a seafoam color on the outside.

13. Navy Stoneware and Wood Bowl

A navy stoneware dog bowl on a wood stand.

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14. Wood and Stainless Steel Elevated Dog Bowls

Two stainless steel dog bowls on a white wood elevated stand with a brown wood top.

15. Stainless Steel Bowl With Blue Non-Skid Bottom

A stainless steel dog bowl with a blue bottom.

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An image of 12 different dog bowls in white, sand, and blue hues, with text that says, 15 Coastal Dog and Cat Bowls. Click to see the full list at Stars and Anchor dot com.

This article was about 15 cute coastal dog bowls that will match with your coastal or beach home decor.

After working to have a cohesive look with your coastal home decor, you don’t want your pet’s items to clash in your space. These coastal dog or cat bowls will help you achieve the coastal look you love while providing your pet with quality items.

With a variety of bowls to choose from, including beach colors like white, sand, and various shades of blues and greens, and choices including ceramic and stainless steel bowls, as well as some bowls, we hope you’ve found something that will go well with your coastal or beach home decor.

Which of these coastal bowls is your favorite? Does your pet prefer ceramic bowls or stainless steel bowls? Let us know in the comments.

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