From Valentine’s to New Year’s: 102 Year-Round Dog Instagram Captions to Celebrate Every Holiday with Your Pup

A dog in front of a white sparkly background.

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Find the perfect dog Instagram captions for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.

Are you looking for the perfect holiday caption to pair with your dog photo? That sounds like a pawsitively great idea! In this list you’ll find some doggone good Instagram captions for dogs that you can use for your next post.

We know your camera roll is full of photos of your pup, especially around the holidays. If you’re here, it’s easy to guess that you love including your pets in your holiday celebrations! Posting these photos of our pets online is fun, whether posting on your personal account or your dog’s own dedicated page. Sharing these moments together is impactful because it strengthens our bonds with our dogs, you get to spread happiness to friends and followers who enjoy seeing these cute and funny photos, it creates a sense of community with other dog parents, and it helps to document memories in your dog’s life in a way that you can look back on.

Having the perfect photo is made even better with a winning caption. Captions help to provide context to your photos, they allow you to showcase your or your dog’s personality or sense of humor, and it allows you to express your creativity. Overall, a good Instagram caption is essential for maximizing the impact of your posts, fostering engagement, and communicating your message or personality.

Using funny Instagram captions for dogs adds an element of joy and lightheartedness to your posts, making the experience more enjoyable for viewers and contributing to higher engagement rates for content creators. If you’re looking for engagement, sharing holiday dog photos fosters interaction with your followers through likes, comments, and shares, which adds to the feeling of connection and camaraderie.

Whether you’re looking for humorous, serious, silly, loving, or punny dog Instagram captions, this list of holiday Instagram captions for dogs has you covered for every holiday, from Valentine’s Day to New Year’s.

Scroll below to see all dog holiday captions or click in the Table of Contents to skip ahead to a holiday.

A dog holding a rose in its mouth.

Valentine’s Day Dog Instagram Captions

These short captions capture the special bond and affection we feel for our pups. Here are some short Valentine’s Day dog Instagram captions about the love we have for our furry friends:

  1. Love is a four-legged word 
  2. Paws-itively loved
  3. My funny valentine
  4. My furry valentine
  5. Love this mutt so much 
  6. This hound has my heart
  7. All you need is love, and a dog
  8. My dog, my heart
  9. The cutest Valentine there is
  10. Dogs leave paw prints on your heart
  11. This is what unconditional love looks like 

A bull terrier dog wearing at St. Patrick's Day hat.

St. Patrick’s Day Dog Instagram Captions

These short dog instagram captions combine the festive spirit of St. Patrick’s Day with the joy and companionship that dogs bring into our lives. Hope they bring extra luck and cheer to your St. Patrick’s Day celebration with your furry friend!

  1. Kiss me, I’m Irish…and so is my dog!
  2. Feeling lucky to have a dog like you
  3. Irish eyes (and paws) are smiling
  4. Shamrocks, shenanigans, and smiling pups
  5. Paws for luck!
  6. Leprechauns and lap dogs
  7. Wishing you a paw-some St. Patrick’s Day!
  8. Luck of the doggone Irish!
  9. Four-leaf clovers and canines
  10. Irish blessings and puppy kisses
  11. My good luck charm

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Easter Dog Instagram Captions

Hop into Easter with these delightful captions! They capture the spirit of Easter while celebrating the love that dogs bring into our lives. Here are some short dog Instagram captions that combine the joy of Easter with the love of dogs:

  1. Wishing you a tail-wagging Easter!
  2. Egg-cited for Easter with my furry friend!
  3. Easter treats and puppy snuggles 
  4. Hope you enjoy your Easter howl-iday!
  5. It’s the Easter puppy! 
  6. Easter eggs and wagging tails
  7. Hopping into Easter with this pup by my side
  8. Easter blessings with a side of doggy cuddles. 
  9. The Easter bunny even brought something for the pup!
  10. Hopping down the bunny trail with my dog
  11. Egg hunts and snuggling this mutt

Memorial Day Dog Instagram Captions

Here are some Memorial Day captions that pay tribute to the brave men and women who served, while incorporating the love, loyalty and nature of our canine companions.

  1. Remembering those who served, with love from your furry friend.
  2. Honoring heroes, both two-legged and four-legged.
  3. Paws for reflection and remembrance this Memorial Day weekend
  4. Remembering with gratitude, cuddled up with my loyal companion
  5. Please join me and my pup in remembering the fallen soldiers who are no longer with us.
  6. Wagging to show my gratitude for our nation’s heroes
  7. Paw-sing in memory of those who served
  8. Howling with respect for our heroes on Memorial Day
  9. This pup wishes you a beautiful Memorial Day weekend
  10. Pawsitively remembering our nation’s heroes today
  11. Honoring the brave alongside my faithful pup

A golden retriever dog wearing an American flag bandana.

Independence Day Dog Instagram Captions

These sayings capture the patriotic spirit of Independence Day while celebrating the joy and love that dogs bring into our lives. Hope these add some spark to your Independence Day celebrations with your furry friend! Here are some short Instagram captions that combine the spirit of Independence Day with the companionship of dogs:

  1. Paws, stripes, and fireworks
  2. Patriotic pup alert!
  3. Red, white, and a-rooo! I mean blue.
  4. Fur-eedom rings!
  5. Land of the free, home of the brave (and their dogs!)
  6. Land of the free, home of the bark
  7. Stars, stripes, and puppy kisses
  8. Celebrating freedom with my four-legged friend
  9. Getting ready for the fireworks…just kidding, I’m hiding under the bed.
  10. Wishing you a bark-tastic Independence Day
  11. Having tail-wagging fun on this 4th of July

A dog lying in a pumpkin patch.

Halloween Dog Instagram Captions

Hope these Halloween dog Instagram captions add some spooktacular fun to your Halloween celebrations with your furry friend! These sayings capture the playful spirit of Halloween while celebrating the silly nature of dogs:

  1. Happy Howl-oween!
  2. As cute as a pumpkin
  3. Tricks, treats, and wagging tails
  4. Ghosts, goblins, and good dogs.
  5. Howl do I look in my costume?
  6. Creeping it real with my favorite pup
  7. Trick or treat! Wait, did someone say treat?
  8. Halloween howls and tail-wagging thrills!
  9. Paws-itively bewitching
  10. Howl-oween fun with my furry friend!
  11. Wishing you a paw-some Halloween!

Thanksgiving Dog Instagram Captions

These captions capture the spirit of gratitude and companionship that we cherish during the Thanksgiving holiday, especially with our beloved dogs by our side. Hope these add some extra warmth and joy to your Thanksgiving celebration with your furry companion! Here are some short Instagram captions that combine the gratitude of Thanksgiving with the warmth of dogs:

  1. Will look cute for turkey.
  2. Thankful for turkey and tail wags
  3. I’ll be waiting under the table for you to drop something.
  4. Paws for gratitude
  5. Turkey trotting with my furry friend
  6. Wishing you a woof-derful Thanksgiving!
  7. Grateful hearts and furry paws
  8. Turkey, pie, and puppy snuggles 
  9. Giving thanks with my faithful companion
  10. Counting blessings, counting doggy kisses
  11. Feasting with family, including the furry ones!

A French bulldog puppy surrounded by Christmas presents.

Christmas Dog Instagram Captions

These short instagram captions capture the joy and love that dogs bring to the holiday season, making Christmas even more magical. There are also some general holiday season captions if you don’t want to specifically reference Christmas. Here are some short Instagram captions that combine the festive spirit of Christmas with the joy of dogs:

  1. Enjoying the howl-idays with my family
  2. Santa Paws
  3. Barkin’ around the Christmas tree
  4. Happy Howlidays! 
  5. Santa Claus or Santa Claws?
  6. Deck the howls 
  7. Feliz Navi-dog!
  8. Pup on the housetop
  9. Season’s Sniffings!
  10. Everyone’s barking merrily in the new old-fashioned way
  11. I woof you a Merry Christmas!
  12. Santa’s little yelper 
  13. Holiday hounds
  14. Wishing you a tail-wagging Christmas!

Holiday dog instagram captions – a dog in front of a white sparkly background.

New Year’s Dog Instagram Captions

These short dog instagram captions capture the excitement of New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day with the enthusiastic nature of our pups.

  1. Pawsitively ready for the New Year!
  2. New Year, same loyal friend
  3. Hope you have a tail-wagging New Year’s Eve!
  4. Starting the year off on the right paw
  5. May your New Year be filled with love, joy, and lots of furry cuddles!
  6. New Year’s resolutions: more treats, more fetch
  7. Wagging my way into the New Year
  8. Wishing everyone a paw-some year ahead!
  9. New Year, new treats to eat!
  10. New Year, same loyal pup by my side.
  11. Wishing you a doggone great New Year!

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Posting pictures of your dog on Instagram is a fun, cute and exciting way to celebrate your canine companion and share that love with the world. Having the perfect holiday dog instagram captions makes your dog photos even better.

Having a good Instagram caption is essential for sharing your personality, creativity, and sense of humor, as well as creating an enthusiastic community around your shared love of dogs and pets.

Do you have any ideas for holiday dog instagram captions? Do you post photos of your dog on your personal Instagram account, or does your dog have their own Instagram account? Let us know in the comments.

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