NameSilo Review: An In-Depth Domain Registration Assessment + Coupon Code

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Exploring the features, performance, and experience of using NameSilo’s domain registration services.

Choosing the domain name for your website is a big decision. And then after you select your domain name, you have to decide where you’re going to register your domain. There are a lot of domain registrars to choose from, and it can feel overwhelming to decide which one to use. That’s why I want to share my experience with NameSilo, a domain name registrar that’s been a game-changer for me after I originally registered with a different company.

I’ve been managing a few domains for over 15 years, and started to look for a new registrar three years ago after being dissatisfied with my previous registrar, GoDaddy. I did some research and decided to try NameSilo, even though I hadn’t heard of them prior to starting my research. I have since realized the superior service and transparency offered by NameSilo that I wasn’t getting with my previous registrar. And their pricing is cheap and consistent, which, as I’ve learned, can be hard to come by. Some other domain registrar companies trick you by starting with a low price and then raising the price much higher when it’s time for renewal (like the previous domain registrar I used did).

I’m now saving so much money by registering my domain with NameSilo. I wish I had switched to them much sooner, instead of paying unnecessarily high prices with another domain registration company. I don’t want anyone else to be taken advantage of, which is why I’m sharing my experience with you.

If you’re in need of a domain name registrar that’s ideal for beginners, or if you’re thinking about transferring from a registrar you’re unhappy with and want a cheap, reliable service, I highly recommend NameSilo. They provide all the features you want at consistently low prices. Keep reading to see why I think they’re so great, and if you’d like to save on your first order, I’m sharing my NameSilo coupon code: STARSANDANCHOR for $1 off.

After being dissatisfied with other domain registrars’ features and unfair pricing, I discovered NameSilo, their pricing is cheap and transparent, and now I want others to save money with them, too.

What is a Domain Name and Why Are They Important?

Domain names are unique website addresses that allow users to access websites on the internet. Domain names serve as the online identity of a website, crucial for branding and establishing credibility. For example, the domain name for this website is

You can see if your desired website domain name is available by using this search box:

Domain names must be renewed periodically to maintain ownership and keep the website accessible. Typically, this is every one or two years. Failure to renew a domain name can result in it being released back into the pool of available names, allowing others to register it. So, for example, if I were to forget to renew the domain name, someone else could claim it.

What is a Domain Registrar?

A domain name registrar is a company that allows individuals and organizations to register and manage domain names for their websites. They provide the necessary infrastructure to reserve and maintain unique web addresses on the internet.

What is NameSilo?

NameSilo is a domain registrar known for its simplicity, transparency, and affordability. They make it easy for users to register and manage domain names with their straightforward interface and competitive pricing.

They’ve been around since 2010 and their mission is simple, to provide cheap, easy and secure domains. They currently have over 4 million active domains, a number that speaks to their high level of customer satisfaction.

Who is NameSilo Good For?

NameSilo is an ideal domain registrar for anyone creating any kind of website, from hobby blogs and informational websites to professional portfolios and online businesses. This includes bloggers, small businesses, side hustlers, entrepreneurs, photographers, shop owners, nonprofits, restaurants, news sites, web designers, and anything else you may need a website for.

If you’re setting up your website yourself, even if you don’t have experience, NameSilo is easy to figure out, and their customer service is always available.

NameSilo’s Services and Features

Included Features and Privacy

When you register your domain name with NameSilo, you also get WHOIS privacy, two-factor authentication, email forwarding, Domain Defender Protection, custom WHOIS records, and DNS Management for free! This was huge for me because my previous domain registrar, GoDaddy, was charging me $9.99/year for WHOIS privacy!

NameSilo offers free WHOIS privacy protection with every domain, ensuring your personal information remains secure. This is important to note because some other domain registrars charge extra for WHOIS privacy (like my previous domain name registrar did). Wondering what is WHOIS privacy? It means that your personal information like your name, address, and phone number are kept private. Without enabling WHOIS protection, your personal information will be posted on the internet so not only will anyone be able to see that you’re the person who registered your domain name, but you’ll quickly be bombarded with emails, calls, and text messages by bots offering to sell you various services for your website.


One of the things I like about NameSilo is that they take security seriously. I already mentioned earlier about WHOIS privacy, which is super important. Other measures taken by NameSilo to protect user data and domain security are their optional free two-factor authentication, as well as Domain Defender, which is a free service that offers increased levels of security for your account and protection of your domains. By using both of these you’ll have the highest level of account and domain security.

Additional Services

In addition to registering domain names, NameSilo offers additional optional services such as hosting, email, SSL, and premium DNS to complete your web domain needs.

NameSilo’s Easy Registration Process

NameSilo has a quick and easy process, making it ideal for both beginners and those experienced with domain registration. I found the registration process with NameSilo to be incredibly straightforward and user-friendly.

There are only 3 steps:

1. Search for your desired domain name.

2. Select from a wide range of available extensions (.com, .net, .us, etc.—there are over 400 extensions available, see them all here — although .com is still the most-desired).

3. Proceed to checkout to secure your domain name so someone else can’t take it!

From my own experience, NameSilo has been easy to sign up for and is transparent with pricing, while including all of the features I’m interested in, which is a triple win for me. They don’t have confusing policies, pricing trickery, or complicated steps, it’s just a simple registration service.

NameSilo’s Pricing, and the Importance of Thinking About Pricing Long-Term

NameSilo has cheap pricing, with their .com domains only $13.95. Other extensions can be even less, depending what you’re looking for. But the best part is that when you renew each year, your domain will still be the same low price, which is key!

The way some other domain registrars encourage people to register with them is they offer a super low price for your first year, but then when it’s time to renew the price gets much, much higher. This is what happened to me when I registered with GoDaddy. Because of this, it makes more sense to register your domain with a company like NameSilo that keeps consistent low pricing, even if the first year costs more than with one of those other companies, because it ends up saving you money in the long run.

For example, in the screenshot below you can see what I paid for one of my websites the first year with GoDaddy in 2015, and how it skyrocketed to what I most recently paid in 2023, even though I didn’t add on any additional services during that time. With NameSilo, the price you pay for your first year is same price you’ll pay for all of the following years, too (barring any necessary increases, for example if you use a coupon or sale price the first year you’d renew at the normal price).

A GoDaddy bill showing that the price started at $16.35 in 2015 and went up to $60.32 in 2023.

This screenshot shows my GoDaddy bill for a 2-year plan. I signed up in 2015 for $16.35, and in 2023 was paying $60.32 for the same service!

NameSilo has transparent pricing and no hidden fees, so registering a domain with them is something you can do confidently, knowing that you won’t be charged a higher amount when you need to renew. See the above screenshot of my GoDaddy bill, vs. my NameSilo bill, below.

A screenshot of my bill showing that I paid $13.95 for domain renewal.

This screenshot from my NameSilo bill shows my domain name was renewed at $13.95.

Domain Management and DNS Settings

Managing domains and DNS settings with NameSilo is hassle-free and intuitive. Their user-friendly dashboard makes it easy to do things like update DNS records, set up custom email addresses, and configure domain forwarding (you might not need or want some of these features, but they’re available if you do). Their streamlined interface has allowed for smooth navigation and efficient management of my domains.

NameSilo’s Performance and Reliability

NameSilo’s services have consistently demonstrated high performance and reliability over the three years I’ve used them for my domain registration management. Their auto-renew feature has worked seamlessly, ensuring that my domain management is effortless and eliminating the worry of forgetting to renew domains manually. 

I’ve never had any issues with performance and have found their services to be extremely reliable. I’ve never encountered their website to be down and have always been able to access my account when I need to.

NameSilo’s pricing reliability has been a key factor in my continued satisfaction with them. What a lot of other domain registrars do, including the one I previously worked with, is they give you a low price the first year, but when you need to renew the next year and every year following, the price has gone up a significant amount.

My Experience With NameSilo’s Customer Support

NameSilo’s online customer support live chat is available 24/7 365 days a year, which means no matter when you need them they’re available. They also have email support and phone support. Their phone support is available during normal business hours, and is known for being some of the best.

I haven’t needed to contact their customer service very often since everything has been going smoothly, but recently, I reached out to the live chat with a question and was connected with someone in less than 2 minutes. It was a real person, which can be hard to get these days (how frustrating can those AI customer support robots be?!). They promptly answered my question with all the necessary details, ensuring I fully understood the response.

NameSilo’s Account Management User Interface

NameSilo’s user interface (the design of their website) is clean and intuitive, making it easy for users to navigate and manage their domains with ease.

While their homepage and main account pages boast a modern and sleek design, some of the deeper account pages exhibit a more basic or simplistic web layout. However, this aesthetic discrepancy does not impede their capabilities or functionality. In my view, this aspect of the user interface (UI) design is subjective, but it’s worth noting that they appear to be gradually updating their pages, suggesting a move toward a more fresh and modern design throughout the site. Nonetheless, the platform remains intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring ease of use and efficient domain management despite certain areas of the website sporting a more basic visual appearance.

Get a Discount With My NameSilo Coupon Code

If you’re interested in using NameSilo as your domain registrar and would like to save on your first order, I’m sharing my NameSilo coupon code here:

Use my NameSilo coupon code for $1 off your first order:

You can search for your new website’s domain name availability here:

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Sharing my NameSilo Review after 3 years of service. An in-depth domain registration assessment.

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As you’ve seen, I’m extremely happy that I switched to using NameSilo as my domain registrar. I regret not making the switch sooner, as I ended up paying unnecessarily high prices with another domain registration company. I don’t want others to go through the same, which is why I’ve shared my experience with you.

I’m now saving a lot of money by using a domain registrar that values affordability and transparency, and you can, too. Plus, don’t forget to use my NameSilo coupon code STARSANDANCHOR if you’d like to save $1 off of their already cheap prices when you make your first order.

Do you have any questions about using NameSilo for your domain registrar? Leave them in the comments.

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