125+ Short Dog Instagram Captions for Everyday Life, Summer, Winter, Beach Days, Sailing, City Living, and Adopting a Puppy

A puppy dog with a stick in its mouth running down the beach.

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The best short dog instagram captions, because you want everyone to focus on the cute pictures of your pup, not on a long caption.

If you’re like us, half of your camera roll is pictures of your dog. Okay, fine, it’s more than half! And what better thing to do with all of those dog pictures than to post them on Instagram for everyone to enjoy?!

Since your dog is so unbelievably cute (all dogs are), you really don’t need a long caption to accompany your photo. A short and simple cute, funny, or punny caption is all you need.

In this list you’ll find short Instagram captions for all kinds of photos of your dog, from regular everyday life snapshots, to summer adventures, beach days or boating days with your pup, and snowy days in the backyard. There are even captions for if your dog lives in, or is visiting, a city, and caption ideas for when you get a new puppy or adopt a rescue dog.

Now, what are you waiting for?! Start choosing your caption from the list below, because the world can always use another cute dog photo posted on Instagram.

A golden retriever dog standing in the waves at the beach.

Beach Dog Instagram Captions

  1. The best beach companion.
  2. Salty dog
  3. Having a paw-some time at the beach!
  4. Pup in paradise
  5. Sun, surf, sandy paws
  6. Beach boy / girl 
  7. My beach dog
  8. Beach bum
  9. Leaving paw prints in the sand and in my heart.
  10. Sandy snouts are the sign of a good day.
  11. Enjoying my time at the beach
  12. Boop my sandy nose
  13. The beach + my dog = perfect day
  14. Sandy paws
  15. Going for a beach swim
  16. Beach days are my favorite
  17. Me and my beach buddy 

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Boat and Sailing Dog Instagram Captions 

  1. First mate
  2. Captain {insert dog name}
  3. Adventuring with my favorite pup.
  4. Docks, dinghies, dogs
  5. Learning the ropes
  6. Meet my new deckhand
  7. A true boat dog
  8. All I need to be happy is a boat and a dog
  9. Dock dog
  10. A salty pup
  11. My new deckhand is sleeping on the job.
  12. Took the pup for a sail around the {bay/harbor/lake}
  13. Deckhand…or doghand?
  14. Sea and be seen

Summer Dog Instagram Captions

  1. The dog days of summer 
  2. Hot dog 
  3. Sun’s out, tongues out.
  4. Sun, sniff, snooze, repeat.
  5. Dog day afternoon 
  6. Walking on sunshine 
  7. Summering hard
  8. Taking a summer snooze
  9. The dogs of summer 
  10. Hello, sunshine
  11. Hot dog summer
  12. A summer dog, through and through 
  13. Summer is for spending lazy days with my dog.
  14. A pupsicle for the pup

A dog jumping into a swimming pool

Swimming Dog Instagram Captions for the Ocean, Lake, or Pool

  1. Sun, swim, sleep, repeat.
  2. Doing the doggy paddle
  3. Taking a summer swim 
  4. Splish-splash, doggy taking a bath
  5. My day is going swimmingly
  6. Puppy paddle
  7. Dog or fish?
  8. A dog taking a dip

Everyday Dog Instagram Captions

  1. The best boy / The best girl
  2. Doggy snuggles
  3. Pawsitive vibes only
  4. Life is ruff
  5. Play hard, nap harder.
  6. You can’t keep a good dog down.
  7. Must love dogs.
  8. I’m a VIP: Very Important Pup
  9. Will look cute for treats!
  10. I work hard so my dog can have nice things.
  11. She’s/He’s living rent free and still demands all of the belly rubs 
  12. Turns out you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.
  13. Four-legged friends are the best kind of friends.
  14. Take time to paws and reflect.
  15. I’m mutts about you
  16. It’s a dog’s life. I’m just living in it.
  17. Stealing hearts and beds since {insert year your dog was born}
  18. Dogs are a girls best friend.
  19. Looking cute, as always.
  20. My life as a dog
  21. Boop my nose
  22. Thought I heard a treat bag open.
  23. Dog on the run
  24. “You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog” – Elvis
  25. Spending time with my bestie 
  26. Sunday Funday with my four-legged friend
  27. My BDFL: Best Dog For Life

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City Dog Instagram Captions

  1. Unsuccessfully trying to avoid the pup-arazzi
  2. {insert dog name} and the City
  3. Puptown Girl
  4. Downtown dog
  5. Dog about town
  6. King / Queen of the City
  7. The coolest pup on the block.
  8. Welcome to the bark side.
  9. Having fun at the bark. I mean park.
  10. I was born to be a mutt-ropolitan dog.
  11. Breakfast at Sniff-any’s 
  12. Hot pup in the city
  13. Looking paw-sh
  14. Enjoying the Barks and Rec this city has to offer.
  15. (Specific to NYC) A fun time at Central Bark

A dog lying on a bed and looking into the camera.

Rescue Dog Instagram Captions and Puppy Instagram Captions

  1. New pup in town
  2. Meet {insert dog name}!
  3. Got a new roommate
  4. New title: dog mom. (or dad)
  5. Who rescued who?
  6. Say hello to my new best friend
  7. Forever home: found.
  8. Rescued is my favorite breed
  9. Puppy love
  10. Cuteness overload
  11. Pup nap
  12. Puppy snuggles
  13. I’m mutts about this pup.
  14. That new puppy energy.
  15. Puppy perfection
  16. Howl did I ever live without you?
  17. My wild child
  18. Giving me puppy eyes 
  19. Can’t promise this won’t turn into a dog account.

Winter Dog Captions

  1. Snow dog
  2. Frosty paws
  3. Walking in a winter woof-erland 
  4. Barking through the snow 
  5. My snow buddy
  6. Snow-pup
  7. Dog vs. Snow
  8. A dog of winter
  9. Turning into a pupcicle
  10. If you need me, I’ll be hibernating with my dog for the winter.
  11. Puppy, it’s cold outside.
  12. The abominable snow-pupper
  13. Snow bunny

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This article was about the best dog instagram captions. 

We know you have tons of great photos of your dog, so don’t let struggling to come up with the perfect caption hold you back. We hope you’ve found the perfect caption in this list of cute, funny, and punny dog captions.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect caption for everyday life with your dog, such as cute pictures at home, in your yard, or out on a walk, we’ve got you covered. And if you’ve taken your dog on a coastal adventure, like going to the beach or going sailing, you have great captions to choose from in this list. If you don’t live near the coast and instead reside in the city, captions for city life are in this list as well. If your dog pictures are more focused on summer or winter, you’ll find fun captions specific to these seasons, too. 

When you decide to get a new puppy or adopt a dog from an animal rescue, it will be easy for your dog to make their Instagram debut with our puppy and rescue dog caption ideas. 

Do you have any ideas for dog instagram captions? How often do you post pictures of your dog on Instagram? Let us know in the comments.

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