The Best Coconut Beauty Products That Will Remind You of Beach Vacations All Year Long

Updated on March 19, 2024

Coconuts that are cut in half on a light blue background.

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You need to try these highly-rated coconut beauty products, as you just might find a new favorite.

Coconuts bring to mind tropical vacations, frozen drinks, and the smell of sunscreen, therefore having a strong association with the beach, summer, and travel. But besides its associations with food and tropical destinations, coconut is becoming more and more popular as an ingredient in beauty products.

Ingredients from coconuts that you’ll likely see in coconut beauty products are coconut water, coconut milk, and coconut oil. Green coconuts, which are young coconuts from coconut palm trees that have not fully matured, contain a liquid in their center known as coconut water. Coconut water is considered an excellent way to provide your body with hydration, and is a good source of important nutrients and minerals, as well as antioxidants. Then there’s coconut oil, which is made from the pressing of the coconut flesh, which is the white part on the inside of the coconut.

Another useful liquid that’s made from mature coconuts is known as coconut milk, which requires mixing shredded coconut and blending it with water. Coconut milk, coconut oil, and coconut water have become ingredients that are not only considered something to eat, but to use on the outside of your body, as well. Many beauty products have found the benefits of coconut milk, coconut oil, and coconut water to be great, and are using them as a main ingredient in their coconut beauty products.

As using clean beauty products and natural beauty products becomes more important to consumers, using coconut in products just seems to make sense. While this list of coconut beauty products isn’t primarily focused on clean beauty products, many of these products fall under the category of clean beauty, which can have a different meaning for everyone, but generally is a product that doesn’t use phthalates, oxybenzone, and formaldehyde, among other ingredients that some people are looking to avoid. 

Natural beauty products, on the other hand, are products that are produced using materials and ingredients that come from nature, instead of synthetic ingredients. Whether you’re strictly looking for natural beauty products or are just dipping your toe in the water and are paying more attention to what ingredients are in the products you use, coconuts are a natural product that you’ll see popping up in more and more beauty products, whether they’re labeled as natural, clean, or otherwise. If clean beauty and natural beauty products are important to you, we recommend reading the labels and ingredients of products as this list contains a wide variety of products, and ingredients can change without notice, even for a brand you’ve used in the past.

Besides using coconut beauty products for whatever natural benefits they may have, a lot of people choose coconut beauty products because they enjoy the smell of coconut. And who wouldn’t want to use a product where the smell reminds them of relaxing and enjoyable times during summer at the beach, or traveling on a wonderful tropical vacation? Incorporating the smell of coconut into your life can make you feel good and allow your mind to wander to a calming and relaxing place, therefore helping to reduce stress. 

Keep reading to discover the highly-rated best coconut beauty products for nourishing your skin and hair.

Highly-Rated Coconut Beauty Products That Are Worth Checking Out

Some of the best coconut beauty products according to reviewers, in no particular order.

A collage with the text, "Coconut Beauty Products from Stars and Anchor dot com," with numerous products including coconut body wash, coconut sunscreen, coconut body lotion, coconut mist, coconut lip balm, coconut deodorant, coconut hair products, coconut body cream, coconut face mask, coconut hand balm, coconut lip balm, coconut shampoo, coconut conditioner, and coconut perfume.

Philosophy – Coconut Splash Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath

This is an award-winning formula that reviewers say smells great, and they love how it makes their skin feel.

Coola – Tropical Coconut Classic Body Organic Sunscreen Spray SPF 30

This lightweight, organic sunscreen is a clean sunscreen with a natural coconut scent and is a reviewer favorite.

Bath & Body Works – At the Beach Daily Nourishing Body Lotion

This scent is said to smell like the perfect beach day, with fragrance notes of frangipani blossoms, toasted coconut and bergamot waters.

Kopari – Coconut Spritz Body Mist

A lightweight body mist with moisturizing ingredients that help smooth skin and minimize the look of pores. It has a light coconut scent that even reviewers who usually don’t like coconut are enjoying. This is a clean beauty product.

Fresh – Lip Sugar Coconut Hydrating Lip Balm

Reviewers love how smooth and hydrating this lip balm is without being sticky. This is a clean beauty product.

Native – Coconut & Vanilla Natural Deodorant

This clean, aluminum-free deodorant has many longtime customers who not only love the way it keeps their underarms dry, but also how the smell reminds them of the beach.

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First Aid Beauty – Hello FAB Coconut Water Cream

A clean face cream moisturizer using coconut water to nourish and hydrate skin, that works well with combination and oily skin. Reviewers have commented on how it feels cooling and has a refreshing smell. This is a clean beauty product.

Lalicious – Sugar Coconut Extraordinary Whipped Sugar Scrub

This whipped sugar scrub uses pure sugar cane crystals and cold-pressed coconut and almond oils to leave skin super soft. Reviewers rave about how moisturizing and smoothing it is, and about how much they love the tropical coconut scent.

The Body Shop – Coconut Hand Cream

A hand cream that’s easy to throw in your bag, made with fair trade shea butter and fair trade organic coconut oil. Reviewers say it absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy feeling.

Sephora Collection – Coconut Extract Nourishing & Soothing Face Mask

This face mask hydrates, boosts radiance, and soothes skin using hyaluronic acid as one of its ingredients. It’s compostable and is a clean beauty product. Reviewers say it has an incredible smell and their skin is left feeling refreshed and hydrated.

OGX – Nourishing + Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner

One of our favorite coconut beauty products – both coconut milk and coconut oil helps nourish, strengthen, and hydrate hair. Reviewers say it leaves their hair soft and smelling great.

Skylar – Coconut Cove Eau de Parfum

This beachy eau de parfum is described as “summer in a bottle” with fragrance notes of coconut, coastal winds, jasmine and gardenia. This is a clean beauty product.

Sun Bum – CocoBalm

This moisturizing and hydrating lip balm is made with a blend of coconut oil and aloe vera, and comes in multiple flavors, like Ocean Mint (pictured) and Wild Strawberry. Note that this is meant as an everyday lip balm and doesn’t contain SPF, but they also make an SPF version of coconut lip balm here that’s great for the beach.

Aussie – Miracle Curls Leave-In Detangling Milk With Coconut & Australian Jojoba Oil

A leave-in conditioner that tames frizz, smooths and softens strands, and detangles. Reviewers with wavy and curly hair say this product works well for their hair texture. This has more of a strawberry and pomegranate scent than coconut, but you still get the benefits of coconut.

The 7 Virtues – Coconut Sun Eau de Parfum

Wrapping up our list of coconut beauty products with this highly-rated eau de parfum that’s also a clean beauty product. It’s described as having fragrance notes of coconut water, frangipani, fresh citrus, crisp sea salt, and gourmand vanilla. Reviewers say it’s a perfect summer scent.

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Coconuts that are cut in half on a light blue background, with a text overlay that reads, 15 Coconut Beauty Products that will remind you of beach vacations all year long. From Stars and Anchor dot com.
A collage with the text, "Coconut Beauty Products from Stars and Anchor dot com," with numerous products including coconut body wash, coconut sunscreen, coconut body lotion, coconut mist, coconut lip balm, coconut deodorant, coconut hair products, coconut body cream, coconut face mask, coconut hand balm, coconut lip balm, coconut shampoo, coconut conditioner, and coconut perfume.
Coconuts that are cut in half on a light blue background, with a text overlay that reads, 15 top-rated Coconut Beauty Products you need to check out. From Stars and Anchor dot com.

As you can see, there are many amazing and highly-rated options when shopping for the best coconut beauty products.

Whether you’re drawn to the scent of coconut or the natural healthy properties like minerals and antioxidants that coconut contains, there are lots of products in this list that will leave you happy.

The scent of coconut reminds us of summer, the beach, and tropical vacations, which is why people tend to feel relaxed and happy when they use coconut beauty products.

Which of these coconut beauty products are you most interested in trying? Let us know in the comments.

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