The Cutest Fall and Halloween Dog Toys That Your Pup Definitely Wants

Last updated on October 17, 2022

A dog sitting outside next to three pumpkins.

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If you love fall, chances are your dog does, too. These Halloween dog toys, fall-themed dog toys, Thanksgiving dog toys, and festive gear are too cute to resist.

Fall… pumpkin spice lattes, apple picking, crunchy leaves, Halloween candy, pumpkin patches, spooky stories, cooler weather, cozy sweaters, Thanksgiving… what’s there not to love about fall?! If fall is your favorite season, why not celebrate with the cutest dog toys for your pup? Your dog should be able to enjoy fall, too!

This article is about the best Halloween toys for dogs, fall toys for dogs, and Thanksgiving toys for dogs, as well as cute themed gear like leashes, collars, and bandanas for puppies and dogs that you don’t want to miss.

Holiday and seasonal dog toys can have a smaller supply and can sell out quickly, so if you see something that your pup would love, order yours before it goes out of stock.

Cute Fall Dog Toys and Gear

1 of 7 Fall Dog Toys and Gear

One pumpkin spice puppuccino, please! Does it get any cuter than this?

If your dog gazes longingly at your pumpkin spice lattes, chances are they will devour this version.

2 of 7 Fall Dog Toys and Gear

Leaves, an acorn, and a candle dog toys on a charger plate.
A dog playing with an acorn dog toy.

These squeaky and crinkle fall leaves, acorn, and candle will look festive, even when scattered around your floor.

It’s like bringing inside the best part of the fall outdoors — fall foliage!

3 of 7 Fall Dog Toys and Gear

squirrel dog toys

Your pup can enjoy finding squirrels in this squeaky hide-and-seek acorn dog toy.

Each squirrel has a squeaker!

4 of 7 Fall Dog Toys and Gear

candy apples dog toys
dog playing with candy apples dog toys

The sticks on these delicious-looking candy apple dog toys make them great for playing fetch, and easy to carry!

They’re also fun because each apple has a squeaker in it.

5 of 7 Fall Dog Toys and Gear

owl dog toy
dog catching owl dog toy

Whooo can resist an owl dog toy that crinkles, squeaks, bounces, and has a spiky ball hidden inside?!

This two-in-one toy means that if your dog rips the owl apart, there’s still a squeaky ball inside that can be played with.

6 of 7 Fall Dog Toys and Gear

A fall dog toy bone with leaves on it, and a dog toy bone with slices of pumpkin pie on it.

If your dog’s endless energy has them in need of a chew toy, these bouncy, squeaky bones are a great choice.

The material of this toy allows for it to bounce erratically, keeping your pup entertained as they chase after it! It also squeaks, and reviewers say these toys are durable.

7 of 7 Fall Dog Toys and Gear

fall dog collar with leaves and acorns
fall dog collar with leaves
fall dog collar with leaves

Your pup will be the most stylish dog on the block in one of these fall-themed dog collars.

It will be hard to choose between all of these fall dog collar designs.

Cute Halloween Dog Toys and Gear

1 of 8 Halloween Dog Toys and Gear

pumpkin dog toy
dog with pumpkin toy

This smiley pumpkin dog toy is almost too adorable to chew.

We love the corduroy material, that it’s a squeaky toy, and that it isn’t too Halloween-focused so you can keep it out all fall!

2 of 8 Halloween Dog Toys and Gear

candy corn Halloween dog toys
dog with candy corn Halloween dog toys

Candy corn dressed up for Halloween as Frankenstein, a bat, and a vampire?! Yes, please.

These Halloween dog toys aren’t scary, just squeaky.

3 of 8 Halloween Dog Toys and Gear

halloween rope toy for dogs

If your dog is more interested in tugging than squeaking, this rope toy in Halloween colors is a favorite among dogs.

The extra knots make it easier to play tug-of-war, whether between a dog and a person, or two dogs.

4 of 8 Halloween Dog Toys and Gear

pumpkin halloween dog toys
dog with halloween dog toys

Trick or treat! Will your dog find tricks or treats inside of this Halloween dog toy?

This interactive pumpkin dog toy is filled with a ghost, a candy corn, and a bat, which they can discover inside of the pumpkin as they’re playing with it. The other surprise is that the candy corn has a crinkle paper sound, and the ghost and bat have squeakers. What a treat!

5 of 8 Halloween Dog Toys and Gear

mutterfinger toy for dogs
dog playing with candy bar dog toy
Rosco's candy dog toy

Speaking of treats, these “Halloween candy” dog toys are a sweet Halloween treat for your dog.

They have a squeaker and crinkle, and come in two sizes to choose from. These are such a cute idea for Halloween dog toys!

6 of 8 Halloween Dog Toys and Gear

frankenbeagle halloween dog toy

Watch out for Frankenbeagle! Snoopy has many costumes to choose from with these Halloween dog toys, so you can pick your favorite.

There’s also Snoopy dracula, Snoopy pirate, Snoopy pumpkin, Snoopy skeleton, and Snoopy witch, as well as Charlie Brown and Woodstock options, along with numerous sizes of each of these Halloween dog toys.

7 of 8 Halloween Dog Toys and Gear

ghost halloween dog toys
dog with ghost dog toys

These friendly ghost Halloween dog toys are un-boo-lievably cute.

This comes as a set of three and each ghost has a squeaker.

8 of 8 Halloween Dog Toys and Gear

Halloween dog bandanas

Your pup will look super festive in these Halloween dog bandanas.

Festive bandanas are more comfortable to wear than a costume. Your dog will look super cute wearing a Halloween bandana while playing with Halloween dog toys!

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Cute Thanksgiving Dog Toys and Gear

1 of 7 Thanksgiving Dog Toys and Gear

The crinkle feathers and squeaker body of this Thanksgiving turkey dog toy will be hard to resist.

Almost as hard to resist as the real turkey on Thanksgiving day.

2 of 7 Thanksgiving Dog Toys and Gear

corn fall dog toys
dog playing with fall corn toy

This “fall harvest” corn rope toy combines plush squeaky toys with a rope, making it double the fun.

The ears of corn have one squeaker each and the rope runs through them. Fun for playing tug or fetch!

3 of 7 Thanksgiving Dog Toys and Gear

Your dog can give thanks and “eat” pumpkin pie with this pumpkin pie dog toy.

Not really for eating, but your pup will have fun chewing, chasing, and otherwise playing with these cute pumpkin pie Thanksgiving dog toys.

4 of 7 Thanksgiving Dog Toys and Gear

turkey football dog toy

If Thanksgiving day football is your thing, this turkey football dog toy will get your pup ready for the game.

This toy has a squeaker, crinkle, and you can choose from three different sizes.

5 of 7 Thanksgiving Dog Toys and Gear

pupkin ale dog toy

This pupkin ale dog toy should help your pup wash down all of that Thanksgiving turkey.

This latex pumpkin ale bottle has a squeaker to help keep your dog entertained.

6 of 7 Thanksgiving Dog Toys and Gear

thanksgiving dog leash with turkeys and trees
thanksgiving dog collar with turkeys and trees

This Thanksgiving dog leash and dog collar are the perfect November accessories for your pup.

Choose one or both; comes in multiple sizes. Support small: this product is from a small business brand. 

7 of 7 Thanksgiving Dog Toys and Gear

thanksgiving bandanas for dogs

Your pup can get dressed up for Thanksgiving with these Thanksgiving bandanas for dogs.

It will be hard to resist feeding them from the table when they look so cute in their Thanksgiving dog bandanas.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Toys

What kinds of toys do dogs like to play with?

Dogs are like people in that they all have different likes and interests! Sometimes you won’t know what types of toys your dog enjoys until you try them. Most dogs will take an interest in any new toy at first, but you can tell if your pup has a real interest in a toy if they continue to go back to the toy after the initial play session with it.

Toys that are popular with many dogs are squeaker toys, stuffed toys, chew toys, ropes and other tug toys, and balls. Dogs tend to prefer toys that make noise, that they can chase, or that they can play tug-of-war with. Dogs also tend to take interest in a toy if you show interest in it, because it’s much more fun when they have someone to play with!

Some dogs don’t have much of an interest in toys, and that’s okay, too. Puppies and younger dogs naturally like to play and chew more than older dogs, but dogs of all ages can enjoy playing with toys and playing games with you. Your dog’s toy preferences may change as your dog moves from a puppy, to a middle aged dog, to an older dog, so if your dog was once interested in toys but doesn’t seem to enjoy them the same way anymore, you can always introduce a new kind of toy to see if it sparks their interest.

Why do dogs like squeaky toys so much?

Many dogs have a natural instinct to hunt, and squeaky toys sound similar to their natural prey, which is what can attract a dog to the toy. That’s also why dogs often enjoy soft toys and why they like ripping them apart. Yet some dogs don’t have a strong hunting drive and just enjoy the sound of the squeaker, and are content to sit there squeaking it over and over, without any desire to rip it apart. Dogs — and especially puppies — love chewing things, and squeaky toys add an extra element of excitement and help to keep them engaged.

This is why a lot of the dog toys in our list above, like most of the Halloween dog toys, have squeakers in them — dogs can’t seem to get enough.

How can I keep my dog safe while playing with toys?

Always supervise your dog when playing with new toys. Toys are fun, but they can also be dangerous if your dog removes a piece of the toy, because they could choke on it or ingest it. If your dog likes to tear toys apart, there are many small pieces that can become chocking hazards, like the squeaker inside of a toy, or other small sections of the toy or the stuffing inside. By monitoring your dog when playing with toys you can quickly remove any parts that become a hazard.

Remember to check your dog’s toys regularly for any pieces that are close to coming off that could be dangerous, or for any new damage to the toy that can be a hazard. You can also put toys away when you aren’t around to supervise, and bring them back out when you can keep an eye on your dog while playing with them.

Where are the best places to find fun dog toys?

For fun holiday-themed dog and puppy toys, like Easter-themed dog toys, Halloween dog toys, Thanksgiving dog toys, and Christmas dog toys, there are many stores that carry cute items. Chewy dog toys has a good selection, as does Kohl’s dog toys, Target dog toys, and of course Amazon dog toys. You can also find some dog toys at your local T.J.Maxx and Marshalls stores, and they sometimes have them online as well.

You can also find a lot of cute holiday-themed gear in addition to dog toys, like holiday dog bandanas, dog collars, and dog leashes. Many places carry these items, but Amazon consistently has a large selection of dog bandanas, dog collars, and dog leashes to choose from for a wide variety of holidays, as well as themes such as summer, winter, sports teams, and special interests.

This article was about the best Halloween dog toys, fall dog toys, and Thanksgiving dog toys for your puppy or dog to play with.

Which of these themed dog toys do you think your dog will enjoy the most? Let us know in the comments.

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