15 Cute Coastal, Nautical, and Beach Gifts for Women Under $15

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The best affordable coastal, nautical, and beach gifts for the beach lovers in your life.

Sometimes you’re in need of small gifts. Maybe it’s an add-on to a larger gift, or you want to give someone a little something to thank them or to let them know you’re thinking of them. Or maybe you’re looking for stocking stuffers, or you’re on a budget. Whatever the reason, the list coastal, nautical, and beach gifts below has something for everyone, and will save you time searching for the perfect gift.

Whether for you’re shopping for gifts for your mom, your mother-in-law, your friend, your sister, or for stocking stuffers, white elephant gifts, coworker gifts, or teacher gifts, this selection of gift ideas for beach goers will be a hit with any woman who loves the beach.

It can be challenging to find great gifts for women, especially if they seemingly have everything, or if you don’t know them that well. But if you know that someone enjoys spending time at the shore, it’s hard to go wrong with coastal-inspired and beach gifts. We’ve come up with what we consider the best options in the under-$15 category for anyone who enjoys life on the coast.

The great thing about all of these beach gifts is that they were selected because they’re able to be used year-round. We avoided gifts that can only be used at the beach or during the summer, because there are many gift-giving opportunities throughout the year and when you give a gift you want it to be able to be used right away, not stored for many months until beach season comes around again.

These beach gifts were selected to work with a wide range of styles and interests, so it’s hard to go wrong when selecting any of these coastal gifts. You can also easily combine numerous gifts from this list to create a larger gift or gift basket for your recipient.

This article is about the best coastal, nautical, and beach gift ideas under $15.

1 of 15 Beach Gifts for Women

1. A Coastal Picture Frame

These picture frames will fit in with any coastal or beach decor. You can never have too many picture frames, as they work in any room and on any surface (such as a side table, wall shelf, bookcase, or dresser, to name a few). It’s easy to make this a personalized gift by adding a photo in the frame of a favorite summer memory.

A rattan scalloped picture frame.

A white wood distressed picture frame.

2 of 15 Beach Gifts for Women

2. A Versatile Turkish Towel

Turkish towels are so versatile, they can be used as a beach towel, a beach blanket, a swimsuit wrap, a shawl, for home decor as throw blanket for a couch, chair, or bed, for a pool towel, for a shower towel, and any other creative use you can think of. They come in a wide variety of colors to choose from.

A denim and white striped Turkish towel.

A turquoise and white striped turkish towel.

3 of 15 Beach Gifts for Women

3. A Beach-Scented Candle

Bring home the scent of the beach for when you can’t be there. These clean and refreshing beach scented candles will transport you to a summer day at the beach, whether enjoyed on a rainy summer day or in the middle of winter.

A blue jar candle that says "seaside mist" on the label.

A light blue glass jar candle that says "beach walk" on the label.

4 of 15 Beach Gifts for Women

4. A Set of Nautical Stationery

Make writing lists and notes more fun with beach and nautical inspired stationery. This stationery is an elevated take on your everyday items for anyone who loves the coast.

A set of note cards with a gold anchor on the front.

A spiral bound notebook showing an ocean scene with boats, anchors, flags, whale tails, and life preservers.

5 of 15 Beach Gifts for Women

5. A Pair of Beautiful Beach Earrings

These beautiful and fun earrings will compliment many outfits, and will be especially loved by anyone who favors the beach life. They’ll make for a special gift, and at this price point, you can also get them for yourself!

A pair of silver. hammered starfish earrings.

A pair of gold scallop shell earrings.

A pair of light blue, dark blue, and silver sand dollar earrings.

A pair of gold and pearl starfish earrings.

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6 of 15 Beach Gifts for Women

6. A Beachy Jewelry Dish

A lovely decorative beach dish that also serves the purpose of holding jewelry and other special trinkets or beach treasures, like shells. This is so chic, it looks just as nice empty as it does with items in it.

A pale blue and white starfish trinket dish.

7 of 15 Beach Gifts for Women

7. A Fancy Set of Ocean Swizzle Sticks

A fun way to stir drinks, these swizzle sticks can be used to elevate any beverage, from your morning coffee to a fancy cocktail. They’re also great to put out when hosting a party for your guests to use.

A set of ocean swizzle sticks with a turtle, octopus, seahorse, starfish, fish, and shell.

8 of 15 Beach Gifts for Women

8. A Beach Themed Adult Activity or Coloring Book

These ocean and beach-themed activity books are fun to do at the beach, or are something fun to do at home when you’re dreaming of the beach but can’t be there. As an option, you can gift this paired with a nice pen or marker set.

The cover of the Lost Ocean coloring book, "an inky adventure and coloring book."

The cover of "The Everything Word Search for the Beach Book, puzzles that are 'shore' to keep you entertained."

9 of 15 Beach Gifts for Women

9. A Set of Beachy Coasters

These neutral coasters will fit in perfectly with any coastal or beach decor while also looking sophisticated, meaning you won’t mind leaving these out on your coffee table or nightstand. In addition to using them indoors, they’ll look great on your table when dining outdoors (just remember to bring them inside when you’re done).

A set of rattan circle coasters and holder.

10 of 15 Beach Gifts for Women

10. A Decorative Game

A classic tabletop game for all ages that you’ll want to leave out because it doubles as home decor. It’s a fun and useful accent piece that will look great on a coffee table, bookshelf, or desk.

An aqua wood tic-tac-toe board and white shell and starfish playing pieces, to give as beach gifts.

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11 of 15 Beach Gifts for Women

11. A Beachy Blue Bracelet

An ocean-colored bracelet will go with nearly everything, and lets beach lovers have a reminder of the ocean on their wrist. Will look just as great worn alone as it will combined with other bracelets as a stack on your wrist.

A blue, aqua, and gold beaded bracelet.

An aqua beaded bracelet.

12 of 15 Beach Gifts for Women

12. A Scenic Beach Puzzle

Puzzles are a great activity for rainy days and cooler months, and a beautiful beach scene will transport you to your favorite place. Everyone can appreciate activities that encourage screen-free time.

A puzzle of a painting of the beach, ocean, and waterfront houses, to give as beach gifts.

A puzzle of an aerial photo of beachgoers with many colorful beach umbrellas.

13 of 15 Beach Gifts for Women

13. A Coastal Decorative Vase

A decorative vase can be used for flowers or on its own to add beauty and interest to any room. These vases will fit with beach and coastal home decor since they have a seaside feel.

A distressed tall vase with wavy pattern.

A sand and white organic vase.

14 of 15 Beach Gifts for Women

14. A Zippered Pouch

Zippered pouches come in handy for a variety of uses, and are even better when beach themed! These can be used as a cosmetic pouch, to store your keys and phone at the beach, to corral electronics cords and chargers, or as a purse organizer to hold loose items like headphones, sunglasses, and lip gloss.

A canvas pouch that says "sea, salt, sun" on it.

An aqua and white seersucker zipped pouch.

15 of 15 Beach Gifts for Women

15. A Beachcombing Guide

Once you find all of your amazing beach treasures it’s fun to flip through a guide to identify what you’ve found, and learn more about the items. This is something you can use for treasures at your local beach as well as on vacation, as different areas can have different items.

Cover of The Beachcomber's Companion book.

This article was about the best coastal, nautical, and beach gifts for women who love beach life.

This list of cute coastal gift ideas is helpful for anyone looking for a gift for their friends, coworkers, mom, mother-in-law, sister, sister-in-law, daughter, neighbor, teacher, or colleague, especially if this person is a beachgoer or loves everything about the beach or beach vacations.

These gifts will work well for mothers day gifts, birthday gifts for her, stocking stuffers, Christmas gifts, coworker gifts, boss gifts, thank you gifts, welcome gifts, housewarming gifts, game prizes for baby showers and bridal showers, white elephant gifts, holiday gifts, beach themed gift baskets, summer gifts, beach house gifts, teacher gifts for end-of-year, inexpensive gifts, cheap gifts, and affordable gifts.

All of these beach gift ideas can be given no matter the time of year, as they are not summer-specific gifts. These beach gifts will be enjoyed by anyone who loves coastal life and the beach to be able to have a little piece of the seaside year-round. These coastal gift ideas will be suitable for a wide range of women, from their late teens to older adults.

Which of these beach gift ideas is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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