16 Essential Beach Toys to Keep Your Kids Entertained All Day

Updated on May 17, 2024

A girl jumping in the waves at the beach.

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This list of the best beach toys for kids will make sure you’re prepared for your family beach trip so your kids can have fun in the sun all day, and you can relax and enjoy yourself, too.

We’ve all been there. You finally get settled into your beach chair and are pulling out your book to relax and do some reading when all of a sudden you hear a voice that says, “I’m bored.” If you want to keep your kids entertained at the beach so you can all enjoy your vacation to its fullest, check out our list of essential beach toys, below.

Explore the most exciting beach activities, beach toys, and beach games that promise to keep your kids engaged and entertained throughout your beach adventures, whether you have a toddler or a teenager. If your child likes sports, likes building, exploring and collecting, play-baking, playing in the water or on the sand, these toys offer endless fun for day trips or week-long vacations by the sea. With options for every age and interest, you can ensure that your children have a memorable and enjoyable beach experience, making the most of their time in the sun and sand.

You won’t want to head to the beach without reading this list of the best beach toys for toddlers, kids, teens, and even adults, that will keep you entertained on your beach vacation all day.

1. You definitely need a good beach toy set… like these beach toys for toddlers:

A set of beach toys for toddlers, which includes a bucket, a dump truck, a mesh bag, shovels, dinosaur molds, sea animal molds, and sand castle molds.

This 20-piece set comes with a wide variety of sand toys to keep your toddler occupied: a bucket, a watering can, sand castle molds, sea animal sand molds, shovels, a rake, a dump truck, a water funnel spinner, and a mesh bag to store it all in. The manufacturer recommends ages 36 months – 3 years, although reviewers say it works for ages 12 months – 4 years.

2. This beach toy set is great if you’re traveling for your vacation with limited space, since the collapsible buckets are perfect for packing in suitcases:

Set of beach toys with collapsible buckets.

You’ll get 3 collapsible water buckets, 3 shovels, 3 rakes, and a mesh storage bag for fun sand and water play. The buckets are made from a soft silica gel and are lightweight and portable, making it super easy to throw these beach toys into your luggage or beach bag without taking up too much space.

3. And this sandcastle-building kit is great for older kids:

A sand castle making kit with 5 pieces and a photo showing someone building a sand castle.

Older kids and teenagers who may feel too old to play with other sets of beach toys can have hours of fun creating elaborate sand castles with this award-winning kit. Includes a 10 inch tower, 6 inch tower, a window cutter, multi-tool, and brick maker. You can also use it in the snow for year-round fun.

4. You’ll want these shovels for serious sand castle building, since sometimes the small shovels just don’t cut it:

3-pack of heavy duty kids shovels for the beach.

For any kids who love making larger sand castles or digging holes, these heavy-duty wooden kids sand shovels are great for the beach. Reviewers say these are much sturdier than others on the market and are easy for adults to use too when they want to join in on the fun.

5. Younger kids will want this knight’s castle set to play with their sand castles after they’ve built them:

Box containing a knite's castle toy set.
Kids playing with a sand castle set.

Elevate your sand castle play with this drawbridge, knight, horse, and flag set. The blue castle turret doubles as a sieve, so kids can sift through the sand for shells, and it also includes a shovel. It’s recommended for kids ages 1.5 through 4, though reviewers say that kids a little older have enjoyed playing with this set as well.

6. When your kids are ready to run around, this toss-and-catch set is a beach classic:

Toss and catch game set.

This set comes with 4 paddles and 4 balls, which is great because most sets only come with 2, so more people can join in on the fun! The paddles are velcro so the ball sticks to it when you catch it. This is one of the classic beach toys for kids that parents can have fun with, too.

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7. A waterproof neoprene football is fun for all ages:

Waterproof neoprene football with water design on it.

Great for the beach, great for the pool. Reviewers say this football is loved by both children and adults, that it’s soft and easy to throw and catch, and that you can adjust the firmness to your liking. It also comes in numerous color options.

8. A durable boogie board is a must for riding the waves:

A green and blue body board.

Unlike the flimsy styrofoam boards you can get at most beach shops and then have to replace quickly, a durable body board will hold up to many years of beach fun. Choose from numerous sizes and colors.

9. Speaking of riding the waves, these surfer toys are a lot of fun in the water:

Plastic surfer toys
Child playing with surfer toys in the waves

Fun in calmer waves or at low tide, these wave-powered mini-surfer beach toys are described as a “surf boomerang,” meaning they will catch a wave and come back to you. Reviewers say that both kids and adults enjoy throwing them into the surf, and you can create a game by racing them. They are unsinkable and are fully powered by the waves, so no batteries are required.

10. When your kids are tired of sand castles, they can have fun with this ice cream play set:

ice cream play set
child playing with ice cream play set

This 16-piece ice cream set is great for playing at the beach and in the sand box. Kids love making ice cream cones and ice cream cups/cupcakes with this fun and colorful set that inspires their creativity. All of the accessories fit into the pail for easy storage. Many reviewers say this is one of their kids’ favorite beach toys.

11. Kids also love playing with this sand cookie-baking set:

sand cookie-baking set

This unique sand toy set is great for kids who love to use their imagination. It includes 3 cookie cutters, a rolling pin, a crab-topped sprinkles shaker, a cookie sheet, a spatula, and two shell-shaped dishes. Reviewers say that their kids love playing with this set and that it attracts kids of all ages to join in.

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12. This sand drilling vehicle is a fun beach toy for toddlers and young kids:

The box for a Playmobil sand drilling vehicle toy.

This sand excavator truck set includes an excavator with removable shovel, one figure (person), and a removable flag. The shovel can be lowered to collect sand as you drive, or placed in the upper position to be out of the way. Reviewers say it’s great quality, sturdy, and that their young children love playing with it at both the beach and in the sand box.

13. Go exploring with this fun beach activity book:

Beach Walk book cover
Back cover of Beach Walk book

Not one of your typical beach toys, this beach activity book encourages kids to explore their surroundings and learn about the ocean, beach wildlife, plants, sights and sounds. It includes games and activities, and comes with stickers and a real magnifying glass to view discoveries up close. Reviewers say this book is good for ages 3 to 8.

14. You’ll need a way to collect shells and other amazing beach treasures:

mesh bags

Everyone loves a beach treasure hunt, and this set of 3 adjustable mesh bags are perfect for kids and adults to collect beach treasures like shells and rocks. They also work well for transporting smaller toys to the beach like plastic figures, water goggles, and sunglasses, and can be convenient for smaller items for entertainment in the car, like markers, notepads and other toys. Comes in numerous color options.

15. A windy day at the beach is perfect for flying a kite, and this one is a crowd favorite:

colorful kite

This beautiful, high-quality kite looks like stained glass and has long tails that look awesome while flying. Comes with a storage bag with carrying handle. Reviewers rave about how easy it is to fly and how easily it takes to the wind. Everyone from toddlers to grandparents have fun flying this kite, so it’s a great activity for the whole family.

16. This beach card game is easy to play and exciting for everyone:

A box for the card matching game "Spot It" beach edition.

This beach version of the popular matching game has a variety of beach, sea life, and vacation symbols for you to identify and match from card to card. Comes with a mesh carrying bag. Recommended for ages 6+, and adults enjoy playing, too!

Now you’re going to need something to carry all of your beach toys in, like this extra large mesh bag:

Extra large mesh bag

This XL mesh bag can fit everything from toys to towels, and the mesh allows sand to escape so you won’t bring the sand home with you. It can be folded into a small pouch when not in use. Reviewers rave that this is the best beach bag they’ve ever owned.

Or you might prefer this convenient collapsible wagon:

Beach wagon.
Beach wagon in collapsed position.

This wagon is big enough to hold all of your gear while being easily portable. It collapses into a small package, making it easy to throw into the back of your car. It has a steel folding frame and numerous pockets throughout. Not only will this be useful at the beach, but also for camping, festivals, and sports games.

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A photo of a girl jumping in the waves at the beach, with a text overlay that says, "16 essential beach toys to keep your kids entertained all day. From Stars and Anchor dot com."
A photo of waves at the beach, with a text overlay that says, "Travel Tips: 16 best beach toys to keep your kids entertained all day. From Stars and Anchor dot com."

Now you know the secret to the best beach toys that will keep your kids occupied and entertained at the beach all day, whether you’re on a day trip to the beach or a week-long beach vacation.

This variety of beach activities for kids is also appealing for adults who want to join in on the fun, too. From toddlers to teenagers, everyone will enjoy these fun beach toys and have a memorable time at the beach.

What are your favorite beach activities for kids? Let everyone know in the comments.

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