50 Engaging Instagram and Blog Content Ideas for Photographers

Updated on May 6, 2024

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If you’re looking for content ideas for photographers to post on your social media account or photography blog, here are 50 great ideas to help you engage your audience.

As a professional photographer running an Instagram account or blog for your business, you might find yourself wondering, “what content should I post for my photography business?” 

Having engaging photography content ideas are important for your business because engaging content can help you get the attention of potential clients and turn them into paying clients. It also helps to give you authority as a photographer, showing you’re knowledgable, experienced, and confident in your business. So having engaging photography blog content and Instagram (or other social media) posts is like free advertising that can help you grow your business.

It can feel challenging to constantly come up with new and exciting photography content ideas, so we’re sharing 50 great ideas that professional photographers can be inspired by to create interesting Instagram and blog content.

For Instagram, most of these ideas can be written as captions paired with a great photograph from your portfolio, although some could work as a visual graphic with text as the image, like if you’re running a promotion and want to make sure people see it while they’re scrolling through their feeds.

For photography blog posts, you can write to these topics in a longer format and include photos throughout.

Whether you’re using this list for photography Instagram post ideas, photography blog post ideas, to find general social media content ideas for photographers, or all of the above, remember to conclude with a call-to-action that encourages readers to book your service, subscribe to your newsletter, follow your account, or another desirable action. This will help get more eyes on your future content, which will help to grow your business.

If you’re a portrait photographer, wedding photographer, lifestyle photographer, pet photographer, editorial photographer, or travel photographer, these photography content ideas should inspire you to create new blog posts and social media posts that will engage your audience and gain followers and customers who are interested in seeing more.

Elevate your photography game with these awesome blog and social media content ideas for photographers!

50 Blog and Social Media Content Ideas for Photographers 

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1. Share your Business Mission.

2. Show the behind the scenes of your photo studio.

This is one of the best content ideas for photographers, because it can really capture the attention of your audience. People tend to feel connected with what they interpret as “real life,” and showing a behind the scenes of your workspace gives them the exclusive feeling of peeking into your real life as a photographer.

3. Introduce yourself.

4. Share how you started your business.

5. Explain why someone should have professional photos taken. 

6. Describe what to look for when choosing a photographer. 

7. Give recommendations for how to choose what to wear when being photographed.

8. Share photos from a recent photo shoot. 

9. Explain the different occasions you recommended hiring a professional photographer for vs. taking your own photos. 

10. Share your pre-photo session routine or preparation. 

11. Show the before and after of an edited photo from one of your photo shoots.

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12. Give ideas for what customers can do with the photos taken at their photo session.

Ideas like placing them in a photo frame or photo album, giving photos as gifts to family members, posting them on their social media, etc.

13. Share your business journey since you first began. 

14. Give a sneak peek at a recent shoot you’re still editing. 

15. Show some of the equipment and tools you use in your photography business.

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16. Share a beautiful photo you’ve taken of your pet.

Share a little about your pet and what makes them an interesting subject to photograph.

17. Encourage followers to sign up for your newsletter and say what the benefit of doing so will be.

18. Share a sale or promotion you’re running for your photography business.

19. Give tips for looking natural when having your photograph taken.

20. Feature a positive review of your services.

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21. Share photographs of your favorite place you’ve traveled to.

22. Share 3 tips for how to take better photos with your phone.

23. Do a Q&A about what it’s like to be a photographer and about your photography business.

24. Share a “day in the life” of a professional photographer. 

What does your typical day look like when you’re working, start to finish? Share the most interesting parts.

25. Thank your followers for their support of you and your business.

26. Share your favorite photography hack.

27. Tell the story of a comically bad photo shoot moment and how you resolved it.

28. Share what your first professional gig was.

29. Explain how you got interested in photography. 

Sharing this helps you to connect with your audience on a more personal level, making it one of the great content ideas for photographers.

30. Share some of the different photo shoot locations or backdrops your customers can choose from.

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31. Share your top 5 outdoor locations for photo shoots.

32. Highlight the packages you offer.

33. Give suggestions for what to bring to your photo session.

Things like outfit changes, props, a must-shoot list, etc.

34. Share a photograph you’ve taken and explain what you like about it.

35. Describe the benefits of having a photo session during different times of day, and how to choose. 

36. Explain what happens if it’s raining the day of your scheduled photo session when you were planning to shoot outdoors.

Share alternate options for photo shoot locations, or creative ways to shoot in the rain, like using umbrellas. Or, if you have a rain policy that includes rescheduling for a different day, explain that policy.

37. Share what a client can expect once they’ve booked a session with you.

Touch on things like the communication they can expect from you, what happens on the day of the shoot, the timeline for receiving photographs, etc.

38. Write a guide for clients to create a list of photos they hope to capture during their photo session.

39. Share your 5 favorite photos you’ve taken from the previous year or season. 

40. Explain the difference between booking a mini session and a full session, and how to decide which is right for you.

41. Hold a giveaway for a free mini session.

Have a requirement of entering the giveaway be following your account, liking a photo you’ve posted, and/or sharing your account, so there will also be a benefit for your business.

42. Share fun stats about your photography business.

Some ideas for fun statistics to share: how many photo shoots you’ve ever done, how many babies you’ve photographed over the years, how many camera lenses you have, the number of hours your longest shoot ever was, the average of how many weddings you photograph per season, how many photographs you take per session, etc. See what other fun stats you can come up with!

43. Give tips for anyone interested in going into photography as a career.

44. Describe what to expect during your photo session, start to finish.

This is one of the smarter content ideas for photographers because for potential customers who are feeling unsure, it can help make them feel more comfortable with booking your services because they’ll know exactly what to expect.

45. Give a run through of all of the services you offer.

You can share things like the various options you offer for photography, as well as any retouching services, photo printing, creating of photo books, etc. that you offer.

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46. Share your favorite things about being a professional photographer. 

47. List all of the occasions you can photograph and show an example of each.

Examples are newborn baby portraits, engagement photos, weddings, senior portraits, birthday parties, anniversary parties, pet portraits, etc.

48. List your favorite photo-editing apps for your phone.

49. Share tips for how to get great photos from difficult subjects, like children and pets.

50. Post a throwback to a favorite photo session and what you liked about it. 

Save These Content Ideas for Photographers

Save one of these graphics on Pinterest, or bookmark this page, so you can continue to refer back to them.

A graphic with a floral background containing this text: Small Business Tips – Content Ideas for Photographers. 1. Share your business mission. 2. Show the behind the scenes of your photo studio. 3. Introduce yourself. 4. Explain why someone should have professional photos taken. 5. Share how you started your business. 6. Show the before and after of an edited photo from a photo shoot. 7. Highlight the packages you offer. 8. Describe what to look for when choosing a photographer. 9. Share photos from a recent shoot. 10. Describe what to expect during your photo session, start to finish. Stars and Anchor.
An image of the beach at sunset, with a camera set up on a tripod, and this text: Small Business Tips – 50 Photography Content Ideas for Your Instagram and Blog. By stars and anchor dot com.

Now you have tons of great content ideas for photographers to level up your blog, website, Instagram, and social media business accounts!

You’ll be set with what to post on your blog or social media account for many months with all of the content ideas for photographers listed here. And don’t forget that some of these content ideas for photographers can be repeated over time, like sharing a recent photo shoot, sharing a positive review of your services, and sharing your favorite photos from the past season, among others.

When using these content ideas, remember that posting consistently is most important. If you go many months without posting anything on your blog or Instagram, your audience will lost interest and may even unfollow you. By having these awesome content ideas for photographers easily accessible, you’ll always have ideas for photography content that you can post.

Do you have any great ideas for photography blog post content? Let us know in the comments.

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