The Ultimate List of the Best Coastal Home Decor at IKEA

Updated on September 24, 2023

An image containing a beige linen pillow, seagrass baskets, a white round dining table, a rattan bench, turquoise plates and bowls, and an off-white ceramic lamp, with text over it saying "the ultimate list of the best coastal home decor at ikea."

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These coastal home decor items from IKEA look expensive, yet are much more affordable.

If you want to decorate your home in a coastal or beach style without a high price tag, you’ll be interested to see these coastal home finds at IKEA that can pass as more expensive decor. They’re a great way to elevate your home, beach house, or coastal cottage and can easily be mixed with higher-end items to create the fresh, relaxing coastal look you love.

Coastal decor brings in the best of the seashore, with blues, turquoises and greens mixed with white and light neutral colors, natural textiles and textures. You can elevate the look of your space by incorporating all of these elements into your home. It has a bright, airy, and cozy feel that makes you instantly feel relaxed and connected to nature.

One thing about shopping at IKEA is that some of the styles have been around for so long that they’re super recognizable, for better or worse. The coastal home decor items on this list don’t fall into that category, with many of them passing as dupes for similar, yet much more expensive items from other popular retailers.

Here we’ve created the ultimate list of the best coastal and beach home decor items at IKEA, including the best coastal mirrors, coastal living room decor, coastal decor for decorating your bookshelf, coastal-style throw pillows and throw blankets, coastal lamps, coastal pendant lights, indoor plant pots so you can add some greenery to your home, storage and organization items that won’t look out of place in your coastal home, coastal indoor and outdoor rugs, the best coastal dinnerware, kitchen, and pantry items, beach bathroom decor, and the best indoor and outdoor coastal furniture.

This article is about the best coastal home decor that you can find at IKEA.

Coastal Mirrors at IKEA

Mirrors are a great way to add visual interest to a wall in a way that’s both functional and decorative. With coastal home decor, you typically want to stick to natural textures like rattan or wicker, white wood, or antique gold for a classic look.

GRINSBOL Rattan Mirror

A round rattan mirror.

SVANSELE Gold Mirror

A gold mirror with two scalloped corners.

BUSKBO Rattan Mirror

Round rattan mirror.

TOFTBYN White Mirror

A mirror with a white border.

Coastal Living Room Decor and Coastal Bookshelf Decor at IKEA

Decorative accents are what give your space character. In a living room, you can add decorate accents to side tables, coffee tables, and bookshelves, among other surfaces. With coastal home decor, you’ll want to look for items that bring in elements of coastal life, like shades of the sea and sky, seagrass materials, light driftwood colors, and white items with interesting textures.

NIMTRÄD Vase, Set of 3

Three vases of varying heights in blue-black, blue-gray and lilac-gray colors.

FRYKEN Seagrass Box With Lid, Set of 3

Three woven seagrass baskets with lids.

URSKILJA Lantern for a Candle

A white lantern with holes in a diamond pattern, and a handle.
A white lantern on a dresser with holes in a diamond pattern, and a candle lit inside.

FALLENHET Off-White/Sand Vase

A vase in off-white and sand colors.

HOVSTA Light Wood Frame

Light wood picture frame with white mat.

LIVSVERK Blue-Gray Vase

A blue-gray vase.

DEKAD White Clock

A white vintage-style alarm clock.

FISKBO Light Blue Picture Frame

A light blue picture frame.

STILREN White Vase

A white ribbed vase.

Coastal Throw Pillows and Throw Blankets at IKEA

Adding throw pillows and throw blankets to your living room and bedroom help to create a cozy feel and are a great way to add a pop of color and personality to your space. With coastal home decor, look for natural fabrics like linen or cotton, and beachy blue, sandy, white or light hues.

GURLI White Throw Pillow Cushion Cover

A white throw pillow cushion cover.

DYTÅG Off-White Throw Blanket

A folded beige throw blanket.

AINA Beige Linen Throw Pillow Cushion Cover

A beige linen pillow cover.

HUMLEMOTT Throw Blanket in Blue-Gray and Off-White

A blue-gray throw blanket.
A beige throw blanket.

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Coastal Table Lamps and Floor Lamps at IKEA

Table lamps and floor lamps not only add lighting to a room, they’re a great way to add style and personality as well. Table lamps are commonly used on living room side tables, bedroom nightstands, and on desks. When looking for lamps to fit with your coastal home decor, look for classics like gold or brass, light or sand-colored bases and shades, or ocean blues.

ÅRSTID White and Brass Table Lamp

Brass table lamp with white shade.

SNÖBYAR Gray-Turquoise Table Lamp

A gray-turquoise ceramic table lamp.

BLIDVÄDER Off-White Ceramic Table Lamp

Off-white ceramic table lamp with shade.

ÅRSTID White and Brass Floor Lamp

Brass floor lamp with white lampshade.

Coastal Pendant Lights and Chandeliers at IKEA

Pendant lights are a statement piece in your space. Depending on the size, you can hang a single pendant light above a table or pair multiples of the same light over a kitchen island. With coastal home decor, you’ll want to look for natural materials and textures like rattan, whites or blues reminiscent of the ocean and sky, or gold or brass.

KAPPELAND / HEMMA White and Rattan Pendant Light

A rattan pendant lamp with white hardware.

LÖKNÄS / SUNNEBY Blue-Silver Pendant Lamp

A blue-silver pendant lamp with wavey cutouts.

FLUGBO Brass Chandelier

A brass chandelier with 5 arms.

SINNERLIG Bamboo Pendant Lamp

A bamboo pendant lamp with black hardware.

Coastal Indoor Plant Pots at IKEA

Plants are a way to bring the outdoors inside, aiding in creating a relaxing atmosphere and adding a pop of natural color. To fit in with your coastal home decor, look for white plant pots with interesting textures or light browns made from natural materials.

GRADVIS Gray Plant Pot

A light gray ribbed plant pot.

TÖRNBÄR Banana Fiber Plant Pot

A plant in a woven plant pot with handles in a living room setting.

PEKANNÖT Rattan Plant Pot

A white rattan plant pot.

FRIDFULL Water Hyacinth Plant Pot

A woven plant pot with a plant in a living room setting.

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Coastal Storage and Organization at IKEA

Every home needs storage solutions, and you want them to be as attractive as possible. In order to fit in with your coastal home decor, you’ll want to look for natural materials like rattan, neutral colors like tan and sand, and styles that feel in line with the other coastal decor in your home.

TOLKNING Rattan Basket With Lid

A rattan basket with a lid and a white liner.

TJABBIG Natural Basket

A beige woven basket with handles.

TRUMMIS Rattan Magazine File

A rattan magazine file holder.

BRANÄS Rattan Storage Basket

Square rattan basket with handles.

Coastal Rugs at IKEA

Rugs help tie a room together and create designated spaces within larger areas, while also adding a feeling of warmth. When looking for rugs that will fit with your coastal home decor, you’ll want to look for light, neutral colors, and shades of blues, especially when paired with white.

LOHALS Natural Round Rug

A round woven rug.

BEFODRAN Handwoven Light Blue Rug

Light blue and beige woven area rug with fringe.

STARREKLINTE Natural and Light Green Rug

An off-white rug with light green stitching.
Detail of an off-white rug with light green stitching.

TÅGBILJETT Natural Beige Rug

A closeup of a jute area rug with a zigzag pattern.

LOHALS Natural Rug

A brown woven rug.

VEDBÄK Modern Vintage Blue Rug

A blue vintage-style floral rug.

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Coastal Dining, Kitchen, and Pantry Items at IKEA

Your kitchen, dining room, and pantry don’t need to be boring and can keep with the style of the rest of your home. With coastal home decor, it’s a great place to introduce a fun color or pattern, or you can keep things light and neutral. Blues, whites, brass, natural materials and interesting textures will all work well here.

FÄRGKLAR Matte Light Turquoise 24-Piece Dinnerware Set

A light turquoise 24-piece dinnerware set consisting of plates and bowls.

CISSAN Water Hyacinth Napkin Holder

A woven rattan-style napkin holder on with napkins on a kitchen counter.

ENTUSIASM Blue Patterned Bowls

Four blue and white bowls in various floral and geometric patterns.

ENTUSIASM Blue Patterned Plates

Four plates in various blue and white geometric and floral patterns.

SOARÉ Water Hyacinth Placemat

A woven round placemat.

SILVERARV Beige and Blue Table Runner

A beige table runner with blue patterned border.

GRIBBOL Brass Drawer Handles

Brass drawer handles.

VARIERA Storage Turntable

A white storage turntable.

SANDVIVA Blue Oven Mitt

A blue oven mitt.

VARIERA White Bin With Handles

A white bin with handles.

Coastal Bathroom Decor at IKEA

Your bathroom is a place where you can add some fun touches or keep things clean and neutral, depending on the vibes you’re wanting the space to have. With coastal home decor, you can add some fun pops of color with blues, greens or turquoise, or keep things simple with whites and natural elements like wood and wicker styles.

SKISSEN 3-Piece Bathroom Set

A turquoise 3-piece bathroom set with a soap dispenser, cup, and bowl.

VOXNAN Chrome Towel Hanger

A round chrome towel hanger.

TAVELÅN Bamboo Trays

Two bamboo trays in different sizes.

NATTGIBBA Woven Laundry Basket

A brown woven laundry basket with white liner.

Coastal Furniture at IKEA

With furniture, you should choose your main focal point first and then build out the rest of the room by selecting pieces of furniture that complement the main pieces. With coastal home decor, whites, lights and neutrals will create a calm, relaxing and bright space, and you can even mix in an accent piece in a blue or sea green if you’d like.

TOLKNING Rattan Storage Bench

A woven storage bench (coastal home decor).

INGATORP Extendable White Table

A white round table.

AGEN Rattan Chair With Cushion

A rattan chair with a beige cushion.

ALEX Gray-Turquoise Desk

A gray-blue desk with two drawers.

INGOLF White Bar Stool

A white bar stool.

BUSKBO Rattan Armchair

Rattan armchair with white cushion.

Coastal Outdoor Furniture and Decor at IKEA

When decorating an outdoor space you can take the best elements of the indoors, like comfort and style, and combine it with natural elements of the outdoors. For outdoor coastal home decor, you’ll want to keep the same things in mind as with indoor home decor by combining natural textures with white and light colors, with ocean blues and greens used as accent colors.

BORRBY White Lantern

White lantern for pillar candle.

KLÖVEN Adirondack Chair

A light brown Adirondack outdoor chair.

NÄMMARÖ Corner Outdoor Sofa

A wood outdoor sofa with beige cushions.

An image containing a beige linen pillow, seagrass baskets, a white round dining table, a rattan bench, turquoise plates and bowls, and an off-white ceramic lamp, with text over it saying "the ultimate list of the best coastal home decor at ikea."

This article was about the best coastal home decor that you can find at IKEA for your beach house, coastal home, or seaside outdoor space.

By incorporating these more affordable coastal home decor items with more expensive items from other retailers, you can create an elevated look without going over your budget.

Did you know there were so many great coastal home decor items at IKEA? Let us know in the comments.

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