35 Amazing Teacher Gift Ideas (That They Really Want)

Updated on April 21, 2024

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Are you looking for the best teacher gift ideas? Whether you’re in need of a first day of school, end-of-year, holiday, or teacher appreciation week gift, you can’t go wrong with these selections.

Throughout the school year there are many occasions for your child to gift their teacher something to show their appreciation for all they do. This list is what we consider the 35 best teacher gift ideas for the end of the school year, Christmas / holiday, the beginning of the school year, and teacher appreciation week. If your child rides the school bus to school, don’t forget their bus driver. Bus drivers get your child to and from school safely every day and it’s nice to give them a little something to thank them.

Depending on your budget, you can choose one gift from the list or combine multiple gifts together. No matter which gift you decide to give, a hand-written thank you note from the student to the teacher is always appreciated! Teachers really enjoy receiving notes from their students as they are some of the most special and meaningful gifts a teacher can receive. If a gift isn’t in your budget, consider the note as the gift. Teachers put so much heart into their jobs and it can mean a lot to them to hear how they’ve positively impacted their students.

Check out these ideas for the best teacher gifts, school administration staff gifts, and bus driver gifts.

Best Gift Card Ideas for Teachers, Bus Drivers, and School Administration Staff

Teachers spend a lot of their own money each year on classroom supplies, which is why gift cards are the most-desired teacher gift. This gift means they’ll be able to purchase school supplies for the rest of the school year or the upcoming year without spending as much of their own money. Gift cards are one of the most popular teacher gift ideas. If you aren’t comfortable giving a gift card or want to choose something more personal, scroll down for more options!

1. Amazon

Amazon gift card that says best teacher ever.

Amazon has just about anything you can think of, including tons of school supplies and classroom decorations for all ages, plus it’s easy to get Amazon orders delivered quickly to any location, all of which makes this a top choice for teachers. This is also a great option for bus drivers since they will definitely be able to find something they like or need from Amazon.

2. Target

Target gift card that says No. 1 Teacher.

Target has a lot of affordable school supplies, especially leading up to back-to-school, making this another top choice for teacher gift cards. This is also a top choice for gift card ideas for bus drivers, since Target carries so many items beyond school supplies.

3. Michaels

Michaels gift card that says to an A+ teacher.

Michaels has an extensive collection of fun crafts and supplies, which is why any teacher would be excited to get a gift card from here.

For more gift card ideas for teachers, check out: Where to Find the Best Teacher Gift Cards for Teacher Appreciation Week and End of Year

Best Teacher Gift Ideas for the Classroom

Continuing the theme from above, since teachers have to spend so much of their own money on supplies for the school year, if you don’t feel comfortable giving a gift card or your school has restrictions on giving them, you can’t go wrong with some of these teacher-favorite classroom supplies. 

4. Post-it Super Sticky 24 Pad Pack

Box of 24 pads of post-its in pink, yellow, blue, purple.

Teachers go through a lot of post-it notes so this package of 24 pads will be greatly appreciated. You can’t go wrong with this selection of pretty colors. Post-its have many uses for teachers – besides using them to mark textbooks and papers, they can be used to make a calendar, to label things around the room on walls/windows/doors, and many other uses.

5. Post-It Flags Color Combo Pack

Package of 320 post-it flags.

Teachers love post-it flags, as it allows them to bookmark items in textbooks without having to fold over the page, and they can even write a note on the flag. Same goes for making a note on a printout or document. This is definitely something that will come in handy for every teacher.

6. Paper Mate Flare Felt Tip Pens

Package of 6 paper mate pens.

Teachers love pens, and if you took a poll these flare pens would likely be at the top of the list. This pack comes with the best selection of colors, and they’re smear- and fade-resistant and won’t bleed through paper.

7. Mrs. Meyers Liquid Hand Soap Variety Pack

6-pack of Mrs. Meyers hand soap.

Everyone is a fan of clean hands in the classroom. This variety pack has 6 amazing scents that are non-drying and free of parabens, phthalates, and artificial colors. Mrs. Meyers hand soaps are highly-rated and best sellers.

8. Felt Letter Boards

Felt letter board.

One of the more unique teacher gift ideas on the list, a felt letter board is a fun gift idea for a teacher because they can use it as a way to give a friendly greeting to a new class, share an inspirational quote or message, wish their students a happy first day of a season, share a reminder, and many other fun messages.  Choose from over 25 solid and striped colors, like this striped rainbow option.

9. “This Book Belongs To” Custom Stamp

Stamp that says this book belongs to Dana Cleveland

If your child’s teacher has a lot of books in the classroom and especially if they loan them out, this custom stamp is a great teacher gift idea. Instead of the teacher’s first and last name as in the photo example, write the name they are called by their students, for example “This book belongs to Ms. Smith” would be most useful for the classroom.

10. 39-Piece Tool Set

Tool kit with 39 pieces.

With so many little things that need fixing around the classroom throughout the school year, every teacher should have their own toolbox to keep in their desk. This tool set comes in numerous color options that you can choose from based on what you think your child’s teacher will like best. The tool kit contains the tools needed for most small repairs.

Best Teacher, School Administration Staff, and Bus Driver Gifts for the Home

If you’d prefer to gift your child’s teacher or bus driver something they can enjoy in their home for themselves instead of something for the classroom, here are some great teacher gift ideas they will appreciate but likely would not splurge on themselves. 

11. Mixed Florals Stationery Box

Box with assorted note cards.

These beautiful floral note cards are sure to come in handy as there is a card for every occasion, from thank you to birthdays to congrats to sympathy, and more. 

12. The New York Times Mini Crosswords

Book of mini crossword puzzles.

150 Easy Fun-Sized Puzzles will be a fun summer activity, but also quick enough to do during the busy school year due to their smaller size. The book dimensions are also a great size for taking along for summer travel or a day at the beach.

13. Dot Metal Photo Frame

Teacher gift ideas: silver textured picture frame.

Whether you choose the silver or gold, this beautiful picture frame is neutral enough to fit with any décor and can be used vertically or horizontally. Teachers will love being able to display a special memory from their summer vacation that they can enjoy in their home year-round.

14. Shells Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler

Tumbler cup with seashells on it.

Not just for wine, the pretty shell pattern on this double-walled stainless steel tumbler with a clear lid will be enjoyed while keeping drinks cold on hot summer days. Perfect to use while relaxing on the porch, at the pool, or at the beach with wine or lemonade.

15. Blue Floral Acrylic Insulated Travel Tumbler with Reusable Straw

A tumbler cup with a straw that has turtles, shells, coral, and starfish on it.

Another tumbler option, this pretty floral double-walled tumbler holds 24 ounces and prevents the cup from getting covered in condensation, which makes it perfect for both in the car and sitting on a desk. It comes with a reusable straw and is BPA-, Lead-, and phthalate-free. 

16. Lemons All Over Kitchen Dish Towel Set

Set of 4 dish towels with lemons and yellow and white patterns.

Ask any teacher and their kitchen is probably filled to the brim with too many gifted mugs (which is why mugs are one of the teacher gift ideas you won’t find on this list!), but these pretty dish towels will be welcomed and appreciated. The lemons and yellow prints are bright and happy for summer but neutral enough for use year-round.

17. Hand Cream and Lip Balm Gift Set

A floral tin containing three different hand creams.

After a long school year or first semester, teachers can use some refreshing and rejuvenating. Made from organic shea butter, argan oil, and Vitamin E to soften and moisturize skin, this gift set is great for any time of year. This is from a family-owned small business brand.  

18. Mrs. Meyers Spring Hand Soap Variety Pack

Set of 3 Mrs. Meyers hand soap.

Mrs. Meyers hand soaps are fan favorites, and these limited edition scents are a gift that will be enjoyed by anyone who uses them. The scents of lilac, peony, and mint are made with essential oils, aloe vera, olive oil, and other thoughtfully chosen ingredients that are free from parabens, phthalates, and artificial colors.

Best Desktop Gifts for Teachers and School Administration

Another great option for teacher gift ideas are fancy school supplies the teacher can use for themselves in their classroom, or they can use them when they’re planning lessons and grading papers at home. These would also be nice gift ideas for bus drivers. They’re sure to enjoy using these elevated stationery items more than your average desk supplies.

19. Customize-Your-Own-Stamp Gift Set

Custom stamp.

This stamp gift set is one of the most unique teacher gift ideas because it provides a self-inking stamper and includes a gift certificate that allows your recipient to customize a stamp plate online. They can choose from multiple designs and it can say anything they’d like, so whether they want to use it in the classroom for labeling books or at home to stamp letters with their return address, it will prove to be useful.

20. Garden Party Clipfolio

Floral clipboard folder.

The cheery floral pattern on this clipfolio will brighten every day. The outside features a clipboard with a gold clip for storing important papers and the inside features a pocket for more papers and a notepad with 50 lined sheets.

21. Desk Notes with Pen

Set of notepads with seashells and a pen.

This pretty desk accessory features a paper tray with a 100-sheet notepad framed with shells, a fun 100-sheet sticky notepad in the shape of a shell, and a silver twist pen with black ink.

22. Desktop Mug Warmer

A white desktop mug warming device with a button and a cord.

A desktop mug warmer that can heat your coffee up to 120°F-140°F and has auto on/off by sensing when the mug is on the device. It can keep coffee at a suitable temperature all day, and has a waterproof design to protect it from the occasional spill.

23. Noted Printed Notes Gift Box 5-Piece Set

Gift set of pads, pens, and washi tape.

Perfect for staying organized and motivated in the classroom or out, this gift set includes a weekly plan notepad, round polka-dot sticky notes, monthly habit tracker sticky notes (perfect for sticking in a planner), three colorful felt-tip pens, and three rolls of washi tape.

24. Purple Floral Note Cube with Black Ink Pen

A floral note cube set with a pen, wrapped in a ribbon.

Teachers write a lot of notes, so this set of 400 note sheets and pen is sure to get a lot of use. It comes in a pretty floral note cube holder and wrapped in a ribbon, making it perfect for a teacher gift. There are other patterns to choose from, as well. Many teachers find note pads to be one of the more useful teacher gift ideas.

25. Lined Floral Notepad

Lined floral notepad.

Another great option for stationery, this lined watercolor floral notepad is as beautiful as it is useful. Pair it with a pretty pen, like the one below, to make a set.

26. Happy Floral Pen

Floral pen and matching gift box.

This gorgeous floral pen with removable cap comes in a just-as-pretty presentation box with a magnetic closure. It’s definitely a pen teachers will reach for over and over with appreciation.

Best Teacher Gift Ideas for Male Teachers and Staff

While the above gifts were selected with all genders of teachers and bus drivers in mind, you might be looking specifically for teacher gift ideas for men. If that’s the case, here are the best teacher gift ideas for male teachers and bus drivers.

27. Padfolio Clipboard Folder Portfolio

Navy faux leather clipboard folder.

With six colors to choose from, this faux leather folder storage clipboard also has numerous inside pockets capable of storing various sized papers and documents. The perfect way to stay organized for the school year.

28. Tech Kit

Faux leather pouch with webcam cover, earbud cleaning tool, phone/tablet stand, password cheat sheet, power cord, screen wipe.

This 8-piece kit keeps tech essentials organized neatly inside a premium vegan leather pouch. The kit includes a 2-in-1 charging cable, USB wall charger, microfiber screen cloth, earbud cleaning tool, webcam cover, leather cord organizers, a phone/tablet stand, and a password hint list. This is something that will surely come in handy for the school year and will be great to keep in a teacher’s desk.

29. Bullet Journal

A navy blue journal that says "bullet journal - purpose powered productivity" on it with a matching elastic that holds it closed.

These well-made and unique hardcover journals are great for on-the-go and will keep you organized in a variety of ways, whether for the classroom or their personal life. Bullet journals have a wide variety of uses and adapt to the user’s personal needs. It contains 204 pages with a dot-grid, page markers, a sticker sheet, and a pocket guide for getting started.

30. Luxury Wooden Ballpoint Pen Gift Set

Fancy wooden pen and matching wood box.

This natural wood pen comes with a wood box and two gel ink refills. It is beautifully crafted with Rosewood and Maple, and the wood box also doubles as a desktop display case. Any teacher will love using this pen to write with.

31. YETI Rambler 20 oz. Tumbler

Navy yeti tumbler.

You can’t go wrong with a YETI, which will be useful for keeping a teacher’s coffee hot for hours both in and out of the classroom. YETI tumblers are highly rated due to their excellent quality. Choose from a large selection of colors, though the navy, black, and graphite are great options.

32. Post-it Super Sticky 24 Pad Pack

Box of 24 pads of post-its in blues and greens.

We’ve already talked about how teachers go through a lot of post-it notes, and this selection of blues and greens is particularly appealing. Post-its have many uses for teachers – besides using them to mark textbooks and papers, they can be used to make a calendar, to label things around the room on walls/windows/doors, and many other uses.

33. Campfire BBQ Playing Cards

A Campfire BBQ Playing Cards set with a matching tin.

This fun set of campfire BBQ playing cards makes a great end-of-year gift that your child’s teacher can enjoy on their summer break with family or friends. This set includes waterproof playing cards with illustrations and fun BBQ facts and comes in an attractive tin.

34. 101 “Just Right” Themed Crossword Puzzles for Adults Book

Crossword puzzle book.

Great for keeping a teacher’s mind active in a fun way over school break, these crossword puzzles are designed to be challenging, yet not too hard to be discouraging. It uses interesting and clever themes, and progresses in difficulty as you move through the book.

35. Foaming Hand Soap for Men 

Three men's foaming hand soaps in the scents black tie, ocean, and freshwater.

A gift with the home in mind, you can create your own hand soap set with scents designed for men (shown here are Black Tie, Ocean, and Freshwater). These gentle foaming hand soaps will be appreciated by anyone who works with children, especially during cold and flu season. 

As you’ve seen, there are many great options if you’re looking for the best gift ideas for teachers, school staff, and bus drivers that you can give for the beginning of the school year, end-of-year, teacher appreciation week, holidays or Christmas break, or any other time during the school year that showing your appreciation is appropriate. 

It’s important to show your appreciation and support, whether by giving a gift or a handwritten thank you note. If you’re looking for teacher gift ideas, we hope you found something perfect on this list!

Do you have great teacher gift ideas that we didn’t include? Let us know in the comments.

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