The Ultimate Guide to Coastal Nightstands

Updated on April 21, 2024

A collage of 12 nightstands in various shades of white, natural, blue, and navy, with text that says, "Coastal Nightstands. From Stars and Anchor dot com."

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Whether you’re looking for coastal nightstands for your primary bedroom, a guest room, or a child’s bedroom, this ultimate list of coastal nightstands contains many options that will fit in with your coastal or beach house decor.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect nightstand to complete your bedroom setup, you’ll love scrolling through this roundup of beautiful coastal and beach house nightstands.

This list contains a range of coastal nightstand styles and options, including coastal nightstands that will work if you have a higher budget or a lower budget. Interestingly, nightstands meant for bedrooms, and side tables meant for living rooms, have become interchangeable in many cases. So if you see something in this list that would look great next to your couch, you don’t need to be concerned that it’s labeled as a nightstand.

What’s a coastal nightstand?

What makes a nightstand a “coastal nightstand”? I look for a coastal nightstand to have these qualities: first, the colors need to fit the coastal look and feel, so anything that has natural coastal and beach colors, like neutral shades of beach sand, blue and turquoise colors of the ocean, pale greens of dune grass, and whites reminiscent of whitecaps and clouds.

Second, I look for materials and textures that fit with the coastal look and feel, so anything that’s a natural wood shade that resembles driftwood, anything containing natural textures like rattan, wicker, and grasscloth, as well as light wood that fits the colors and tones you’d see in sand at the beach.

Lastly, I look for a design and style that fit the coastal look and feel, so it should be simple and unfussy, with clean lines, and be understated yet sophisticated. This style is a mix of traditional and modern coastal, which is also referred to as a transitional design style.

What to keep in mind when choosing a coastal nightstand

When choosing a nightstand, you’ll want to keep in mind not only the style of the nightstand, but the function as well. Think about what you want your nightstand to do for you — do you want your nightstand to be wide enough to hold a table lamp, your phone, a glass of water, a picture frame? You’ll want to make sure the measurements work for everything you want to fit on it. Are you looking for any other functions, like a nightstand charging station? Some nightstands have power strips hidden away in drawers or on the back side so you can charge your electronics in a convenient way while reducing visual clutter by not having cords on the ground.

What about storage — do you have a need for drawers in your nightstand so you can store clothing, jewelry, or other items like books, chargers, tissues, remotes, etc., or are you using it primarily for decorating purposes, where open shelving would serve you better as a place to display coffee table books and other decor? Knowing what function you want out of a nightstand will help you select a design that you’ll be happy with for many years to come.

If you want to know more about what to look for when choosing coastal nightstands, check out “Shopping for Coastal Nightstands: What You Need to Know” below the list of nightstands, for more about what to consider when selecting a nightstand.

Below you’ll find many beautiful options of coastal nightstands for your bedroom, categorized by color, starting with white and mostly white; then natural wood, woven, and raffia; followed by blue, turquoise, and aqua; and ending with navy nightstands. There are nightstands for all styles and budgets, whether you’re looking for something minimalist or statement-making.

Coastal Nightstands for Your Bedroom

White Nightstands

A white nightstand with three drawers.

A white wicker and rattan nightstand with one drawer and an open shelf.

A white nightstand with bamboo details and two drawers.

A white coastal nightstand with a drawer on top and a cabinet with cane panels on the bottom.

A white wood nightstand with a drawer and a shelf.

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Natural Wood, Woven, and Raffia Nightstands

A woven nightstand with one drawer and an open shelf.

A wide light wood nightstand with an open shelf and two drawers below.

A rattan coastal nightstand with two top drawers and a lower shelf.

A light-colored wood nightstand with a drawer and a shelf.

An oak nightstand with two drawers that have cane drawer fronts.

Blue, Turquoise, and Aqua Nightstands

A light blue linen 3-drawer nightstand with brass drawer pulls.

A sky blue nightstand with two drawers on top and an open shelf on the bottom.

A muted blue, one-drawer coastal nighstands with a rattan drawer front.

A light blue rattan nightstand with a drawer and a shelf.

A blue-gray nightstand with a drawer and a cabinet, both with fronts made from natural rattan.

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A navy nightstand with two drawers and an open shelf on the bottom.

A navy nightstand with one drawer with a brass drawer pull and an open shelf.

A navy nightstand with two drawers and gold hardware.

A navy nightstand with three drawers.

A navy nightstand with two drawers with brass drawer pulls and an open shelf.

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A collage of 12 nightstands in various shades of white, natural, blue, and navy, with text that says, "Coastal Nightstands. From Stars and Anchor dot com."

Shopping for Coastal Nightstands: What You Need to Know

Should both nightstands match?

It comes down to personal preference. I happen to be a fan of both sides of the bed having matching nightstands, which is a more traditional look, but if you’re interested in a more boho, less matchy-matchy look, I recommend choosing two nightstands that are the same color, but different styles. That way they’ll still look cohesive despite having a different design. However, if you like the look of having a completely different color and style of nightstands, that’s fine, too!

Should nightstands match the rest of your bedroom furniture?

Having a matching bedroom set is an outdated design trend that you no longer should feel the need to follow. If you like the look of a matching bedroom set, go for it! It’s your bedroom and your space should make you happy. But your bedroom furniture definitely doesn’t have to be a matching set; in fact, it can be more visually appealing to mix different pieces of furniture that you love. 

How do you mix furniture and still have it look cohesive?

If you don’t want a matching bedroom furniture set but still want your furniture to look cohesive, one option is to stick with the same color. For example, you can have a white dresser from one retailer, white nightstands from another retailer, and a white headboard and bed frame from a third retailer. A fabric headboard can also work here.

Another option is to choose different pieces of furniture that are all part of the same design style in order to feel cohesive. For example, if you’re decorating in a coastal style, you could have a white dresser, light blue nightstands, and a driftwood-colored headboard and bed frame.

How tall should your nightstand be?

Generally, you’ll want your nightstands to be the same height as your mattress, or taller. What you’ll want to try to avoid is having nightstands that are lower than your mattress. Why? When you’re lying in bed and go to reach for something, it’s more comfortable to reach for something at the same level or higher, than to reach for something lower. 

If have a clock on your nightstand, having it on a nightstand that’s lower than your bed can make it difficult to read the clock when you’re in bed. Additionally, it’s easier to accidentally knock things off your nightstand from moving your bedding around if your nightstand is lower than your bed. It also comes down to your personal preference for your nightstand height.

With so many options to choose from, the perfect nightstand for your home might be among this list of the best coastal nightstands to complete your bedroom or guest bedroom.

When looking for coastal nightstands, there are many things to consider, including the color of the nightstand, the design and style of the nightstand, as well as the functionality and features of the nightstand. By considering these things you’ll ensure that you’re happy with the nightstand you choose because it will fit your style as well as your needs.

You’ll also need to decide if you want your nightstands to match each other or if you want both nightstands to be different, as well as if you would like your nightstands to be part of a matching set with the rest of your bedroom furniture or if you want each item to be selected independently, while still maintaining a cohesive look overall.

Included this list were coastal nightstands for all budgets, including Target nightstands, Amazon nightstands, Crate and Barrel nightstands, Serena and Lily nightstands, Wayfair nightstands, Pottery Barn nightstands, and Raymour and Flanigan nightstands, among other retailers. This makes it easier to find something that matches both your style and your budget.

Which coastal nightstand color is your favorite? Do you prefer your nightstands to be part of a matching set with your other bedroom furniture or to be a different style? Let us know in the comments.

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