Easily Refresh and Elevate Your Space With These Neutral Coastal Throw Pillows and Throw Pillow Covers

Updated on March 20, 2024

A collage containing 12 neutral-colored throw pillows with varying patterns, and the text "Neutral Coastal Throw Pillows" and the web address Stars and Anchor dot com.

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An easy way to refresh your space is with new throw pillows and pillow covers. This selection of neutral coastal throw pillows will work anywhere in your home.

Using throw pillows — also referred to as decorative pillows, accent pillows, or decor pillows — is an easy way to update and elevate your space affordably. Throw pillows add texture, pattern, and interest, while also making your room feel cozier, more sophisticated and tied together.

Throw pillows can be used to add a finishing touch to your space and can decorate couches, chairs, benches, beds, and reading nooks. They can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and entranceways. You can choose matching throw pillows or mix-and-match different patterns, colors and materials. You can use neutral throw pillows to add a pop of pattern or texture, create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere and aesthetic, or to balance a colorful accent piece. Really, the possibilities are endless.

When selecting coastal throw pillows, you’ll want to stick with colors that exist naturally along the coast or beach, like blues and neutrals. Soothing neutral colors are reminiscent of beach sand, shells, stones, and beachgrasses, and help you feel connected to nature. Tan, beige, off-white, khaki, cream, oat, taupe, bone, natural, ivory, honey, ecru, sand, wheat, and white are all considered neutral colors.

Here you’ll find our top picks for a variety of neutral decorative pillows, including options with stripes, patterns, floral and botanical prints, solid colors, and geometric designs, for a variety of budgets.

One thing to note is that some throw pillows are sold with a throw pillow cover and a throw pillow insert cushion, whereas others come with just the cover. The good thing about buying throw pillow covers is that you can easily store and swap out different covers at different times of year without taking up the amount of storage space that entire pillows would require. If you need throw pillow inserts, these insert cushions are a great option because you can choose from many sizes and they have great reviews.

These modern neutral coastal throw pillows and throw pillow covers will help to elevate the look and feel of your home.

Striped Neutral Coastal Throw Pillows

Stripes are a classic coastal pattern. There’s something casually sophisticated about neutral and white stripes.

Tan and Off-White Striped Throw Pillow

A natural and tan striped throw pillow.

Beige Striped Textured Throw Pillows

2 beige throw pillows with textured stripes.

Textured Knot Stripe Throw Pillow

A textured tan pillow with white knotted stripes.

Beige and White Stripes Throw Pillows

Natural, White and Tan Throw Pillow

A neutral linen pillow with stripes in white and tan.

Mixed-Stripe Natural Accent Pillow

A beige pillow with different-sized stripes of various neutral colors and textures.

Patterned Neutral Coastal Throw Pillows

Patterned throw pillows are a way to bring texture and visual interest to your space. You can mix-and-match patterns with stripes and solids.

Beige and Taupe Scalloped Patterned Throw Pillow

A beige throw pillow with an allover taupe scalloped pattern.

Diamond Neutral Throw Pillow Covers

Two beige throw pillows with a textured cream diamond pattern.

Coral Pattern Embroidered Throw Pillow

A cream colored pillow with an embroidered tan coral pattern.

Neutral Buffalo Check Throw Pillows

Two cream-colored throw pillows with a beige and light tan buffalo check pattern.

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Floral and Botanical Neutral Coastal Throw Pillows

Floral patterns and botanical prints are a great way to bring a touch of nature into your home, and a throw pillow is the perfect canvas for them.

Floral Tassel Beige Indoor Outdoor Throw Pillow

A beige and cream floral throw pillow with tassels on the corners.

White and Beige Botanical Throw Pillow

A white throw pillow with a textured beige floral pattern.

Floral Block Print Decorative Pillow

An off-white and beige/taupe throw pillow with a floral block print pattern.

Neutral Floral Throw Pillow Cover

A neutral/golden throw pillow with a white floral pattern all over.

Solid Neutral Coastal Throw Pillows

Solid colored throw pillows are a great backdrop for mixing with other patterned, printed, or striped throw pillows to create an interesting grouping on your couch or bed.

Scalloped Edge Throw Pillow

A beige throw pillow with a white scalloped edge.

Neutral Linen Throw Pillow Cover

A linen throw pillow color in tan and beige.

Jute Border Throw Pillow

A white throw pillow with a natural braided jute border.

Ivory Textured Linen Throw Pillow

An ivory linen throw pillow.

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Geometric Neutral Coastal Throw Pillows

Geometric patterns on a throw pillow add depth and interest to your bed, sofa, or bench, and in a way are like small works of art.

Cream and Honey Abstract Throw Pillow

A cream throw pillow with an abstract honey-colored geometric pattern.

Beige Embroidered Throw Pillow

A beige and cream throw pillow with a small diamond pattern.

Rattan Throw Pillow

A tan and beige throw pillow with a rattan pattern.

Beige and Taupe Geometric Throw Pillow

A beige throw pillow with a taupe abstract geometric pattern.

If you’ve enjoyed these neutral coastal throw pillows, check out Calming Abstract Wall Art With a Coastal Feel.

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A collage containing 12 neutral-colored throw pillows with varying patterns, and the text "Neutral Coastal Throw Pillows" and the web address Stars and Anchor dot com.

There are so many beautiful options for adding neutral coastal throw pillows and neutral coastal throw pillow covers to your home.

Neutral coastal throw pillows help to create an inviting, calming and relaxing space, while also helping to bring the feeling of the outdoors into your home. Neutral throw pillows work with any colors and can be used throughout your home in your bedroom, guest room, living room, entrance, or hallway. There are many different options for patterns, prints, solid colors, geometric designs, and stripes for a variety of budgets.

Whether you came here looking for the best coastal accent pillows for your space, or wondering where to buy throw pillows or how to decorate with throw pillows, we hope you’ve found some great options to elevate your home.

Which of these coastal throw pillows is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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